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Oct 1, 2016 · Questions about glioblastoma resection, radiation afterward in Brain Tumor

Hi. My husband was dx in Nov 2015 with grade IV glioblastoma. He had a biopsy but never a resection. (The tumor was in the thalamus region.) He began chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. He finished chemo in August. As of Sept 6th, the tumor has grown somewhat (encompassing the hippocampus) and the neuro-oncologist wants the resection done. His neurosurgeon thinks he has time however and should consider maybe more radiation. My question is this: why does my husband have to wait a year from the time his radiation ended to have another round of radiation done? And is it true that resection can cause the tumor to grow even faster? (The thalamic tumor cannot be removed.) Thank you for reading this.