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2 days ago · Caring for Mother: She doesn't trust my care. Suggestions? in Caregivers

You might ask Dr to tell her that as it worked when the Dr said my husband should no longer drive. I knew if I or a family member said anything he would ignore it.

Mon, Jul 8 7:28pm · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

I was very fortunate as my mother liked to write and she was a great letter writer and keep many of the letters she received through the years. I have been scanning them to make sure they get passed around. She also left stories of her and my father's early life, which are very interesting. I was 6 years old when WWII started and I remember it as a child. I asked my mother to write what she experienced with ration books and shortages, as her experiences were much different than mine. I ran across that a short time ago, and it will be another keeper for our family.

Fri, Jul 5 9:44am · Veteran Friend has Tremors and Stutters in Caregivers

Contact your US senators. They are able to expedite requests. They need to know what is happening in VA.

Fri, Jul 5 9:41am · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

kimspr3, you might try getting a small shower chair and a handheld shower head. That worked for my husband when he was unable to stand anymore.

Wed, Jul 3 8:25am · Veteran Friend has Tremors and Stutters in Caregivers

Don't sell VA short. My husband had wonderful care from them for over 30 years and they still provide many of his meds even though he is unable to physically attend an appointment with their Drs. The people at our local VA clinic were always kind and helpful and knew people by name. If it was an emergency situation, they got us right in or was able to give me the equipment or meds needed to alleviate the problem. Their social worked guided me through the difficult time of obtaining a site for an mental evaluation locally when we knew I could no longer care for my husband of 64 years at home. They are busy but they care.

Tue, Jun 25 10:21am · Caring for a parent with neuropathy: When's it time to not drive? in Neuropathy

I had been really concerned about how we were going to get my husband to quit driving. For several years, his driving had been limited to close to home, and I drove if we were going any distance or where he was unfamiliar with the roads. But he took great pride in driving, and after being a truck driver for many years, it was hard for him to realize he could no longer do that. We had an appointment with a psychiatrist during the Alzheimer's diagnosis process and when I mentioned he had had several blackout times during the past year, she took me aside and said he really shouldn't be driving as they might happen while he was driving. I told her to tell him and he accepted that. Never drove again. He would brag that he still had his drivers license but never tried to get behind the wheel, and when it expired, he was agreeable to get a legal ID. You might try that.

Mon, Jun 24 12:09pm · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

I too said I would never put my husband in a care center, but the time came when I could no longer ensure his safety or mine by keeping him at home. Sometimes life just doesn't turn out the way you have planned and you need to take care of yourself. I know he is getting better care than I could possible give him at home and since he needs skilled care the care center is the best place for him. I visit at least every other day since it is 45 miles from our home and I am 84 years old. I will as long a I can still drive. Then we will have to make other arrangements if he is still living. He is 89 and health is pretty good except for Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia so he can only feed himself. Eats good and is cheerful when awake which is less and less all the time.

Mon, Jun 24 9:50am · Triggers for caregivers in Caregivers

My church and other groups have been wonderful friends through this journey the past 4 years. I enter the church and immediately am greeted with hugs and well-wishes. I told my family it is like a support group that I meet every week. The same is with other organization that I belong to and were very active with for many years. After I needed to stay home with my husband, they made sure to contact me in some way at least once a week. Now that he is in a care center, I try to attend the meetings when I can and always I'm welcomed with hugs and voices of concern. Great for the spirit.