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6 hours ago · Back pain between shoulder blades in Chronic Pain

I want to commend you for being so brave. You seem to be in tune with your body and not afraid to ask for suggestions. How long has the shortness of breath and this pain been going on? Are there any other symptoms? Do you or your friends vape or smoke?
These are important questions that you should talk to your school nurse or a teacher about. Can you do that? I care about you. You are brave for reaching out.

Sun, Oct 27 7:29am · Pain after right thoracotomy with tracheoplasty in Lung Health

I am
Sorry to hear about your pain. I do understand as I had VATS Surgery to remove a tumor and my upper left lung lobe. I would like to share my success to being pain free.
I was in a three month research study where with meditation and paced breathing with my diaphragm
this practice taught me how to change my brain and help heal my severe pain.
You may find one of The books by Dr Amit Sood most helpful. Happiness is my favorite books by him.
Remember it takes time and practice but you can retrain your brain to overcome the pain battle. I pace breath with my diaphragm and now bicycle 13 miles a day.i also run races. I believe you can learn how to become more comfortable after the pain you are going thru

Wed, Oct 16 7:04pm · Heavy perfume in medical facilities, or anywhere, really in Lung Health

Hi. I respect you for speaking up. You can share my story with her If you like(?)
I have said this, and people have asked if their perfume bothered me. I say, yes!

Maybe share this:
I just heard a story about a lady who was diagnosed with lung cancer and shockingly she never smoked!
After loosing one lung she did a lot of research as to what may have caused this. Did you know people like me who are sensitive to deodorizer, air fresheners, perfumes and even some laundry soaps may be at risk for lung diseases?
And do you know lung cancer is not only a silent killer but it is the #1 cancer killer and can affect women men and even children?

There will be One Billion deaths in this century due to lung cancer. Hope this helps.


Fri, Oct 11 2:35pm · Reclast Infusion in Bones, Joints & Muscles


Wed, Oct 9 4:22pm · Osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi and know you are not alone with concerns. My dentist shared an article about the warnings and mentioned there is a half life with these drugs. Depending on the drug research does no know what the half life may be. He also mentioned that he has had patients where it that have taken years to heal a dental issue caused by these drugs. My question is if a patients body does not work with the drug what is the antidote? So it is a very good idea you continue to ask questions and do research. Have you read any reports from Canada Medical Society? There is also a European study that may be interesting to read up on about osteoclast drugs and challenges discovered caused by the drugs. Keep up your great research and advocacy for your body.
Best Linda

Mon, Oct 7 10:36am · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Talk to Thorasics in Rochester. They can refer you to Arizona. I just heard the same story from a friend. They got in after we spoke!

Mon, Oct 7 10:20am · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Hi and congratulations on your surgery. I am a 12 year lung cancer survivor (never smoker diagnosed stage 1a)
I love my Mayo Thoracic team. Dr Steven Cassivi is brilliant and kind!
Try calling Kristin or Karen on his team directly to see if they will give you appointment(?) 5072842808.
If you prefer Pulmonology you may want to call Dr David Midthun.
My feeling is they are the best team and cal answer your questions and help you decide who you can see and where. Have your Mayo Clinic number when you call. The call is worth the wait. I’m happy to talk with you if you would like.
Linda Wortman

Sun, Oct 6 8:03pm · Reclast Infusion in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Be your own advocate. If the physician you are paying doesn’t communicate respectfully, have you thought about getting a new physician? It’s our bodies and we must go with our gut feelings! It’s our life and Osteoclast has become regret! I push to exercise and sleep better and sleep is healing Keep up your greT work.
All the best;-)