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6 days ago · My 90 yr old Mom has pneumonia and I'm worried... in Lung Health

You are an amazing and wonderful daughter. Get a second opinion. Ask for a CT chest scan. If you live near Mayo Clinic or a similar medical facility have you thought about going for a second opinion?

I ask this because of my history of lack of treatment by a general physician in a small town and a team who did not know how to begin to properly diagnose or treat my symptoms.
The most important thing is your mom’s Quality of Life, as yours too. And as for Mayo Clinic, they saved my life! Trust your instincts. Bravo to you for being such a kind and caring son!

6 days ago · My 90 yr old Mom has pneumonia and I'm worried... in Lung Health

You are very well informed and so caring and special. Maybe you can ask her some questions, with her husband within ear shot?
With proper diagnosis & proper treatment her Quality of Life could be greatly improved.

You are not alone with this challenge, but do not give up. I’m thinking of you & your mom.

5 days ago · My 90 yr old Mom has pneumonia and I'm worried... in Lung Health

Hello Peach 82: I really really appreciate you sharing your story. My story was very similar. My diagnosis after I left local hospitals and doctor and went to Mayo Clinic. My proper diagnosis with a CT Scan at Mayo Clinic was Non Small Cell Lung Cancer . After surgery and an amazing support team at Mayo,
I continue to follow up at this fantastic facility and am celebrating 12 years of survival. So, you are not a burden to me, we need more worriers like you. I
would love to stay in contact because you give inspiration with hope as a worrier! Happy New Decade ! Thank you again,

6 days ago · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

Thank you for sharing and speaking up! We need more survivors like you. It’s difficult at best to go up against lung disease. Bravo to you.

Dec 13, 2019 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

Dear Leann:
I commend you for sharing your fears, and I assure you that you are not alone. I understand the horror when diagnosed with life threatening diseases and events. But we can and will survive. I have survived lung cancer (and melanoma ) for 12 years, and lived through the unfair stigma as a never smoker.
I have had outstanding support from my physicians and their teams as well as my loving husband.

One place where I found amazing insights about death and living one day at a time was through Dr Amit Sood, his paced breathing study, his classes, and his lectures along with his well written books. My favorite book is HAPPINESS by Dr Amit Sood.

Think about reading this book and practicing what he teaches about surviving, and sleep and acceptance.
I tell people, lung cancer became my blessing and keeps teaching me many lessons.
You deserve a cyber hug.

Dec 10, 2019 · Reclast Infusion in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I’m on your team! I had injections. I was down for the count and very ill. I am athletic and in shape and eat well.
I woke up one morning and could not put weight on mt right leg. My Orthopedic Doctor in sports medicine found an impact fracture – suspect Osteoclasts! Bravo to you fir speaking up and doing the right thing.

Dec 5, 2019 · Mother coughs constantly for the last 5 months in Lung Health

I too had “The Cronic Cough” for 2 years. Dr told me it was psychological, along with shoulder pain. During my flight physical at Mayo Clinic my brilliant physician listened to me, ordered a chest CT. I was in surgery within 48 hours! A brilliant team lead by a thorasic surgeon removed a 3cm tumor and my upper left lung lobe. I had lung cancer. I Never Never smoked !
Lung cancer take 422 lives each day. With proper diagnosis and proper treatment at a larger medical facility, away from my small town, I am grateful to be a 12 year lung cancer survivor.
Do you know lung cancer is the #1 cancer Killer? In this Centry 1 Billion people will die with lung cancer.

I commend you for asking and caring for your mom!
I hope you encourage her to get a second opinion and a chest CT that may address your concerns.

The Pulmonology Medicine Department is a good place to start!
All the best,

Dec 3, 2019 · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

You are not alone. I am a 12 year lung cancer survivor. The miracles and medical changes have been amazing. Lung Cancer has become my blessing. The support of Mayo Clinic has been remarkable and has given me a pathway to a great quality of life, for which I am grateful. I have learned that with time the shock of lung cancer becomes less harsh. The therapies and hard work of medical teams and research will continue to lessen our burden and create a better life for our children and grand children. God Bless You