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Mon, Mar 11 8:58pm · Loss of hearing clarity: Solutions or strategies anyone? in Hearing Loss

No, I don't have extra noise in my normal environment. No children in my household, etc. I do listen to radio a lot and have a setting on my hearing aids to enhance just for that type of thing, but with both hearing aids in I do not hear the radio as clearly. Going to the movie theater….I hear dialogue much better when I use one hearing aid. Strangely, watching movies on TV through Netflix, I can pick up dialogue better using both hearing aids! Go figure!

Mon, Mar 11 11:47am · Loss of hearing clarity: Solutions or strategies anyone? in Hearing Loss

Testing in the audiologists office is very hard to line up with what I will be hearing when I step out of his office and into the sounds of the real world! Clarity is a continuous struggle for me despite purchasing hearing aids that have all the "bells and whistles". I have less hearing loss in my right ear, so in order to more easily distinguish sounds and voices with better clarity, I often wear only left ear hearing aid which for me, has helped a great deal. Audiologist tells me I need to use both as they work together to get the best hearing, but have never been able to achieve clearer hearing when wearing them both. So far hearing loss in right ear has stayed the same so I am able to get by with just one hearing aid, but I dread the day when hearing in right ear would worsen so I would need to wear hearing aid full-time and lose that natural sound and clarity.

Tue, Mar 5 12:26pm · Hearing loss: How do you identify yourself to others? in Hearing Loss

I don't think there was any special way she developed her skills. They've been married for over 50 years and my sister in-law can judge just by watching and listening when my brother is hearing. Watching my brother's face I think was part of it….she can tell quite accurately by glance whether he is hearing conversation. And of course, just by his response or lack of response! He has always been an engaging person, so if he is quiet, it is indictive that he isn't hearing well those who are speaking.

Tue, Mar 5 10:38am · Hearing loss: How do you identify yourself to others? in Hearing Loss

Yep, no what you are saying. My brother who has an even greater hearing loss than me, has a great advocate in his wife. In social situations she will repeat parts of what others are saying more loudly when she can detect he isn't hearing it. She has perfected this so it blends in almost seamlessly and doesn't call attention or interrupt the conversation going on around them. Unfortunately, not everyone has someone with them to do this when these occasions arise.

Tue, Mar 5 10:16am · Hearing loss: How do you identify yourself to others? in Hearing Loss

Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. Those on both sides of the hearing aisle I think would be served better with more attention and education through print, all forms of media, etc. about the difficulties that those with hearing impairment have. Remembering back to the days when I had no hearing problems, I personally didn't have much of a clue of what not having good hearing means in work and social situations (daily life!). Thanks again for meaningful comments – much appreciated.

Sat, Mar 2 10:55am · General questions re. cataracts in Eye Conditions

I had dropless cataract surgery in 2017 on my left eye. In January 2019 I had cataract surgery on my right eye with drops being administered for a month afterwards. I too, am terrible at putting drops in my eyes. Between my spouse, friends, ,and myself when there was no one else around – I managed to get them in quite well. My right eye cosmetically looked, and physically felt much better after surgery than my left eye did with the dropless method. Despite the inconvenience of putting in numerous drops, for me, if I had to do surgery over again I would opt for putting in drops after cataract surgery as my eye as a whole felt much better. Others may well have experienced no problems with dropless method, but hands-down putting in drops afterwards was better way for me.

Wed, Feb 27 9:35pm · Hearing loss: How do you identify yourself to others? in Hearing Loss

I totally know what you mean – not hearing well makes one feel very left out in social situations sometimes when you can't hear subject matter of conversations clearly enough to participate in them. I have top-line hearing aids, but still a challenge in crowds or where there is background noise.

Thu, Feb 21 11:58am · Metabolism/ Hormones in Diabetes/Endocrine System

That is a good point that lioness made about prednisone. There are other drugs that cause weight gain too, so if you take others meds beside synthroid, checking their side-effects would be a good idea.