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3 days ago · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I sure understand your worries and trying to figure out whether to continue taking this drug or not. Doctors and research community do not know enough about "any" of the osteoporosis drugs. Very, very hard for patients to decide whether they are going to receive enough of a benefit from these drugs versus the risk, or will taking them make things worse over time. I read reviews from those on all sides of this issue, plus staying on top of the medical research that is on-going, but after taking Fosamax for several years with unsatisfactory results and their side-effects – I am waiting for better and safer drugs to become available before using any of those currently on the market.

Wed, May 8 1:51pm · Loss of hearing clarity: Solutions or strategies anyone? in Hearing Loss

I certainly agree that conversations are easier when people do not turn their backs while talking to me. There are tone levels that some individuals have that I always have difficulty hearing well and if they turn from directly facing me, I can hear their voice, however muffled and unable to distinguish their words.

Fri, Apr 19 11:45pm · Dropless laser cataract surgery in Eye Conditions

No, only my first procedure was dropless and done at a local surgical center. The second surgery was done at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and I did have to use drops for a number of weeks following the surgery.

Wed, Apr 17 3:29pm · Dropless laser cataract surgery in Eye Conditions

Procedure sounds almost exactly like the first surgery I had at my local surgical center with one exception, I did have an IV administered. All medication was administered directly into my eye, too. The same laser surgery that you describe, with no stitches, blades, needles sticks around eye, etc. As to why I had significant swelling and bruising after this surgery is a mystery, and surgeon did not have answer to "why?" this happened. Bruising and swelling lasted for about a month after surgery. Second procedure at Mayo Clinic was a breeze and day after surgery no one would have known by looking at me that I'd had cataract surgery the day before!

Wed, Apr 17 11:37am · Dropless laser cataract surgery in Eye Conditions

If you mean "no drops" after cataract surgery…..yes, I had surgery in my left eye in 2017 at a local surgical center where all the drops were put in the eye during the surgery. I also had cataract surgery in January 2019 at Mayo Clinic for my right eye, and doctor "did not" put drops in during surgery – I put drops in my eye for a number of weeks after the surgery. For me personally, dropless was certainly more convenient, however with the drops administered after surgery eye was less blurry and my eye looked cosmetically better with no noticeable swelling/bruising afterwards.

Sat, Apr 13 6:48pm · Treating Osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have been on Fosamax twice over a five year period. The first time I stayed on it for a bit over three years and leg cramps and sore stomach issues made me decide to take a break from it. My numbers did improve slightly while I was on it. The second time I took Fosamax for only about six months as leg cramps at night were excruciating and extended into my groin area. I made the decision to stop taking it, and haven't taken any osteoporosis drugs for seven years. My last bone density numbers had not changed, despite not taking drugs for seven years. Until safer drugs and without side-effects are put on the market, I've chosen to not take prescription meds for osteoporosis.

Mon, Apr 1 10:20am · Loss of hearing clarity: Solutions or strategies anyone? in Hearing Loss

When I first got my hearing aids they picked up the sound of the fan in my car to a very annoying level. It took numerous trips back to where I had purchased them, but did get improvement. Unfortunately, with that improved, the clarity in hearing conversation and television dialog was diminished.

Wed, Mar 27 6:54pm · Hearing loss: How do you identify yourself to others? in Hearing Loss

Wow, I can sure relate! I have also felt sometimes that people are thinking I'm feeble-minded, etc. when I don't hear them immediately or have to ask them to repeat what they've said. Being hearing impaired does not mean our minds are impaired! I have a young friend in his 30s who has been hearing impaired since birth, and he also encounters people that think he has a learning/mental disability because of his difficulty in hearing. So though hearing loss is more prevalent with us older folks, those that are younger with hearing impairment also face some of these same issues. There is a need for much better public awareness and education in how to communicate with respect and dignity to those with hearing disabilities.