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Thu, Nov 7 11:26am · Autoimmune mystery in Autoimmune Diseases

As lioness has already suggested, is it possible for you to go to a teaching hospital or to where I and my family have had excellent results when we've had concerning health issues – Mayo Clinic(Rochester, MN). My one year old grandson spent months going to regional hospitals and finally a university hospital to try and find out why he was having periodic high fevers of 105 degrees or more that would sometimes even put him into convulsions. They finally made an appointment with Mayo and within "one" day had diagnosis and were sent home with medication that totally cancels out the high temp spikes whenever they occur! Good luck and keeping you and your wife in my prayers.

Tue, Oct 22 11:36am · Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in Autoimmune Diseases

I have Hashimoto and was diagnosed many years ago. Others that I know that have Hashimoto have had good success managing it with medication long-term. I have sometimes went for years taking the same medication and amount and then suddenly, my numbers have changed and I've needed a different amount. I have experienced good care with my local doctor and have not needed to look elsewhere for my thyroid disorder. However, I have been to Mayo Clinic with other health issues. I was well pleased each time I've been to Mayo and highly recommend them for finding answers and solutions.

Mon, Oct 7 11:04am · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

So sorry for all the problems you are having. I can sure understand why you are upset! I would suggest you read the comments from others on this site if you haven't already done that, do some research on the internet about these drugs, their side-effects, and read reviews from people who have "actually" been on them, it might help you make some decisions yourself on how to proceed. From my experience doctors do not all share the same views on which drugs to use to treat osteoporosis. I hope you can find a doctor that will be more prompt about seeing you and also takes prompt action for health care needs and having face-to-face discussions with you. So important to have doctors and clinics that we can depend on to be reactive to our health issues…..in the end we still have to advocate for ourselves and make the decisions on "if", and what medications we will put in our bodies or procedures to have done on them.

Sun, Sep 29 3:24pm · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Glad you and your husband are doing well on your medications. Yes, you are so right, there is anxiety and worry in trying to make right decision about something that so seriously can effect our health and daily life. Hoping and praying there will soon be some great advancements in safe and effective osteoporosis drugs. Good luck to you and your husband.

Sat, Sep 28 11:47am · Increasing bone density naturally after menopause in Women's Health

I have read a few things about bone meal, but wondered about side-effects. You probably haven't taken it long enough yet, but I would be interested if you have experienced any. This sounds like any easy and "natural" way to add calcium which is so important for those of us with osteoporosis. Since I no longer take prescribed drugs for my osteoporosis, I want to do as much as I can through diet, exercise, etc. Thanks as always lioness for your continued and very much appreciated tips and advise.

Thu, Sep 26 7:33pm · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I no longer take any osteoporosis drugs. I took Fosomax and Fosomax D off and on for over five years. I had aching and cramps in my legs that eventually extended up into my groin. The pain would sometimes be so severe that I could not lie in bed and was walking the floor at night to try and reduce the cramping. With continuing bad reports about the osteoporosis drugs I made the decision to completely go off them. I eat a healthy diet, take D3 daily, exercise at least five times a week, eat yogurt daily along with a probiotic, and feel 100% better! It is soon six years since I took osteoporosis drugs, I refuse Dexa scans and I have absolutely no intention of going back on any of these drugs until safer ones become available. When research and drug companies come up with a proven medication that will not harm me or make me feel ill, I will reconsider. I am not advising anyone else on what they should do, but for me, this is the choice I've made. I try to keep up on research being conducted and the reports about the drugs that are or will be offered on the market, and hope that eventually effective and safe osteoporosis medications will be available.

Thu, Aug 29 6:15pm · Shoulder support/brace recommendations? in Spine Health

My back has gotten more weak in the last years due to osteoporosis, and therefore my shoulders tend to slump forward. I don't experience much back pain thankfully, but I do have weakness in my back that cause me not to hold my shoulders up as straight as they should be. I am trying to find something that would help me keep my shoulders pulled back and "help" me remember not to slump!

Wed, Aug 28 11:36am · Shoulder support/brace recommendations? in Spine Health

As I get older I find myself slumping more and more. Does anyone have any suggestions on an over-the-counter brace or support that they've used and found helpful? Because I don't stand as straight as I should, I experience back and shoulder pain especially after standing or walking for many hours and thinking a sturdy support would be especially helpful to wear at those times.