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Thu, Aug 29 6:15pm · Shoulder support/brace recommendations? in Spine Health

My back has gotten more weak in the last years due to osteoporosis, and therefore my shoulders tend to slump forward. I don't experience much back pain thankfully, but I do have weakness in my back that cause me not to hold my shoulders up as straight as they should be. I am trying to find something that would help me keep my shoulders pulled back and "help" me remember not to slump!

Wed, Aug 28 11:36am · Shoulder support/brace recommendations? in Spine Health

As I get older I find myself slumping more and more. Does anyone have any suggestions on an over-the-counter brace or support that they've used and found helpful? Because I don't stand as straight as I should, I experience back and shoulder pain especially after standing or walking for many hours and thinking a sturdy support would be especially helpful to wear at those times.

Wed, Jun 19 3:31pm · UTI Prevention in Women's Health

Understanding how vulnerable and despondent you are right now. Please do not give up. It is so important you have doctor you trust and can relate to! When my husband had cancer we switched onocologists three times before we found doctor that not only searched for and treated his cancer in an aggressive and positive way, but also treated my husband and I with kindness and dignity. You deserve good care and kindness, and I pray you will get that!

Tue, Jun 11 10:45pm · UTI Prevention in Women's Health

What were the symptoms you experienced with a prolapsed bladder? Repeated UTIs only symptom or were there other symptoms?

Tue, May 21 11:47am · Would like to know people's experience using Fosomax. in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I took have taken Fosamax several times. In total, I was on it a bit over five years. Both times I had issues with bone and muscle pain/cramps. Following directions and not laying down after taking Fosamax, I still experienced a sore and burning type of sensation for several hours after taking it. Leg and groin pain became bad enough to wake me often at night, and so after reading and hearing the news reports of serious side-effects of this drug, as well as others, I stopped taking it and decided not to take any further osteoporosis drugs until better, safer ones without serious side effects come on the market. I do exercise, eat for bone health, and take vitamin D every day….and I feel "great" since I stopped taking Fosamax over four years ago.

Fri, May 17 11:02am · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I sure understand your worries and trying to figure out whether to continue taking this drug or not. Doctors and research community do not know enough about "any" of the osteoporosis drugs. Very, very hard for patients to decide whether they are going to receive enough of a benefit from these drugs versus the risk, or will taking them make things worse over time. I read reviews from those on all sides of this issue, plus staying on top of the medical research that is on-going, but after taking Fosamax for several years with unsatisfactory results and their side-effects – I am waiting for better and safer drugs to become available before using any of those currently on the market.

Wed, May 8 1:51pm · Loss of hearing clarity: Solutions or strategies anyone? in Hearing Loss

I certainly agree that conversations are easier when people do not turn their backs while talking to me. There are tone levels that some individuals have that I always have difficulty hearing well and if they turn from directly facing me, I can hear their voice, however muffled and unable to distinguish their words.

Fri, Apr 19 11:45pm · Dropless laser cataract surgery in Eye Conditions

No, only my first procedure was dropless and done at a local surgical center. The second surgery was done at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and I did have to use drops for a number of weeks following the surgery.