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Aug 29, 2016 · Is it possible that I incurred any amount of (permanent) brain damage? in Brain & Nervous System

Hello…I’m probably not posting this right. But I think I’m writing in a Reply section….But I need some advise if anyone can help me! My son suffered from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and the last seven months has seen the ER three times and nothing came from it. We finally got in to see the Neurologist who through blood work noticed that his brain has been suffering from lack of oxygen and now he is being refereed to a Hematologist. I have asked for him to go to a Hyperbaric chamber for some oxygen relief but i have to say, it takes a very long time for anyone to get this going and I’m afraid that he may have some brain damage before all this gets finally done. He’s had a MRI, CT, Echo, EEG and all showed no damage but his blood work shows a high level of hemoglobin. I am going to his primary physician to fight for a STAT referral to a Hematologist to get him seen. My question is…my son suffers everyday with having a “high” feeling…fog like, lack of concentration, focus, emotions are all over the place. His motor skills are okay right now but I’m worried the longer we have to wait, could some brain damage occur??