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Aug 31, 2019 · bone biopsy pain. in Blood Cancers & Disorders

^This is sound advice to pass on.

Mar 25, 2018 · Medicare in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I think the moderator is in the position to know that answer about Medicare. I called Mayo Clinic once and the operator asked me what insurance I had. I replied Medicare and plan F b.s. b's. He told me that Mayo Clinic adds 35% on to all Medicare billing. I have read that Mayo defends their position but does a soft shuffle dance to soften the blow. Do your research. It does seem greedy that they do that. Most older people are on fixed incomes. Some people who are ill are strapped as well.

Apr 3, 2017 · Marginal zone lymphoma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Before I was on chemo sweating was one of my symptoms. Just like you, I was on chemo for 6 months. BVAD was the abbreviation for the 4 drugs that I was given. I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I ended chemo in October 2014. Since then I never have the intense sweating which I had before, yet I still sweat some. It takes some time for symptoms to abate. Since it is uncharted territory for all of us the best way to look at it is that there will be some times that you simply do not know why certain things persist. I had thick curly hair before treatment. Now I have thin curly hair. I have friends who got back every single hair on their head. It is unique how each of respond. It is such a small price to pay.

Oct 23, 2016 · Non Hodgkin's lymphoma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hi Remie, My name is Roberta. I have hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 4. I had my first biopsy in 2014 which showed the Type I had.Then I had 6 months of chemotherapy. ABVD. That is the drugs they used every two weeks on me. I had a port put in after the first chemotherapy because it hurt and my veins were not that good. In the end I saved my veins and the port was very helpful. It occurred to me that the chemo was saving my life. I found a certain comfort in that thought. Without it I would not be here. So when people asked me if I was afraid of having Chemo, I said it is saving my life. Your drugs will be a little different than mine because your cancer is different. Yet for us a lot is the same. For one, talking about it with people you trust can be very helpful. For me it was my cousin. He had non hodgkin’s Lymphoma like you. I began loosing my hair and decided to shave it off. I found it liberating to be bald and I wore scarves. Many wear wigs but I was more comfortable with being bald. I did not find this group until recently and I do wish I had had that opportunity. I did try but what I found was not that helpful to me. There is lots on line and I bet you have looked it up. I did not have the bone marrow test. My cousin did. He did say if they needed to do it again he would ask for a different anesthesia. The local just did not do the job. So that is something to consider. Someone needs to bring you to the hospital each time and wait for you. Mine started with blood work which they took from the port. All the staff are wonderful. Gentle and responsive so that was calming in a stormy unknown situation. If you have questions for the Doctor, write them down. In the moment it is difficult to remember. It is just the beginning and I am thinking of you as you begin this journey.

Sep 17, 2016 · classical hodgkin's lymphoma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Dear Teresa, I appreciate your finding a cancer support group in Phoenix for me. The one you found is a community, and I am going to get involved with them if it is possible. They are not to far from where I live as well. I wanted to say to you also that I am interested in hearing about your life and your journey with cancer. I did not respond to that in my first posts. If you would like to do that. Roberta

Sep 17, 2016 · classical hodgkin's lymphoma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Thank you so much. I am amazed. Your kindness is well much appreciated. Roberta

Sep 16, 2016 · classical hodgkin's lymphoma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I Have a daughter and a son who live in Phoenix, AZ as I do. I rarely speak of my cancer to anyone. I am 68 years old. I do not feel that old yet I am. I would like to work maybe go to school and take up a new vocation. Yet I am tired. I have not seen an oncologist here in Arizona. I was dx and treated at Duke in Durham, NC. I have a passion for embroidery. Specifically Sashiko a form of Japanese needle work. I read quite a bit, yet I feel I need to followup on my cancer stuff. When I read here about others with Cancer I cry. Just makes me sad. I have three dogs two are strays. I have nursed Jullian back from near death. They mean so much to me.

Sep 16, 2016 · classical hodgkin's lymphoma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I was dx with Classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Oct of 2014. I finished up May 9,2014. Still I feel like I am running away from an avalanche that is happening or about to happen. When the chemo was done I never looked back. Yet it is still in front of me. I live in Phoenix, Az and I do need to meet people with cancer.