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Sep 11, 2016 · Pain And Changes In Weather...Am I Alone???? in Chronic Pain

My old worn out body at 74. Not to discourage you but I have had joint pain since my 30’s and now I have it all over my body. I Get up in the morning, step out of bed and it hurts the bottom of my feet. I stretch some to get the legs moving and the arms and hands loosened up. The neck is a lost cause. It just hurts no matter what I do. Back is the same way. Moving helps a little but mostly it just takes time to get going. Weather definitely affects my joints (all of them). Muscles not so much. Not sure I actually have any muscle pain unless I pull something trying to do stuff I can no longer do correctly. I take naproxen if it gets too much to bear and I do exercise which I believe is the best thing you can do at this age to keep things working. Senior fitness classes are good for you and fun. No twisting of the knees in that class. Walking a couple of times a week helps me also. I walk on a treadmill for 2 miles and it takes about 30 minutes. I watch TV while I walk so the time goes faster. I walk on the days I do not go to senior fitness. I have taken a yoga type class but live in a small area and not enough participants to keep it going. It was called body flow and I really liked it. Most of my friends just live with the discomfort and call it old age. Some do take steroid shots but I am not for doing that because I have small bones and they are already thinning. Just keep on keeping on. Seems to be the best solution for us.

Sep 7, 2016 · New to Afib, warfarin and metoprolol (beta blocker) in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I had quadruple heart bypass surgery in 2002 and in 2004 was put on metropolol. After about 6 months I realized that I had been feeling sluggish for sometime and so I stopped the last medication I was on which was the metropolol and the next time I saw the cardio dr. I reported that to him and he agreed that the metropolol was the problem. A couple of years ago my blood pressure was out of whack and the dr. gave me the new blood pressure medication with 3 types of medicine to treat hypertension. It also made me sluggish and my blood pressure was lower so I tried it for another 3 months and went back to valsartan which I had taken since my surgery. I still take the valsartan and of course the statin drug, atorvastatin which I have been on since before the heart bypass surgery. I went from 10mg of statin drug to 40mg after the surgery and still take 40mg Those two medications work for me with no side effects that I can tell. I do exercise regularly and it has become a lifestyle change for me. Would probably be easy to give it up but I am very sure it has more benefits than the medications I take. I have three younger brothers and we all have heart disease so I also believe it is genetic. My dad never had heart surgery, stents or anything except a statin drug and he died of congestive heart failure. We could not tell that he ever had an ekg either but now we are pretty sure he had heart disease also. Think you just have to listen to your body and of course always, always consult with your cardiologist. Most have online charts now and PA to advise you. I have learned more from the PA’s than the doctors. I do not take certain cold medications with dyphenhydromine in them and many of the allergy medications are not recommended to me. It is amazing to me how many medications can interfere with blood pressure and heart disease so you always need to ask even about over the counter stuff. I also go regularly to my internal medicine dr. and my cardiologist and have all the recommended blood work and tests. I usually have an ekg and an echo test from the cardio dr. and all the blood tests from the internist. I have an oline chart called “my chart” and my doctors and nurses have access to it so they know exactly what my test results show and what medications I take. If they want to add a medication, I do question that decision and decide if I want to try it or not. When I am having problems or feeling bad and think it might be the medicine I only remove one and if that doesn’t work I start taking it again and remove another one. I would never quit the statin drug. It seems to be the gold standard for heart disease and fortunately I tolerate it well. Hope this helps a little. Oh, I am 74 and was 60 when I had the bypass surgery so I say it worked. Was pretty sick before the surgery and still remember that feeling. Also had heart attack in 1991 and that is when I started a statin drug and quit smoking. Smoked for 35 years before that so I’m sure I have lasting damage from that. I believe you have to take charge of your medical care and ask lots of question of your doctors. If they do not have time for you, change doctors.

Sep 2, 2016 · blood pressure & hypertension in Heart & Blood Health

I have had anxiety and occasional panic attacks for more than 20 years. I take alprazolan 0.25mg when I feel anxious. Have been using this medication since it came out in generic. Before that I took xanax. The most I ever take is 2 tablets in one 24-hr period. If I have a panic (about 2 or 3 times a year) I take 2 tablets at once and that usually stops it. Know your anxiety must be awful to need that much valium. Sorry about that. The feelings are terrible. I think I am about to jump out of my skin. I take diovan hct (generic) for hypertension and I do notice that my blood pressure goes down when I take alprazolin. I am what many people describe as high strung and driven but the panic attacks are something completely different. I exervise in a class 3 days a week and use a treadmill at home. Both help me relax. Just sitting and trying to talk myself down does not work for me. I have to find something physical to do and take the medicine. I believe exercise is the best for my anxiety. It gets my mind off what is bothering me. I also watch TV while on the treadmill and try to watch comedy programs. I am 74 now and the anxiety strated when I had a heard attack at age 49 but I just ignored it until I had the panic attack. I also have had quadruple heart bypass surgery 13 years ago. It was the only surgery I had ever had and it will definitely be my last. Had terrible mental problems for several years after that experience. The psychiatrist I saw did not think I was going to get over it. He thought I was on the heart -lung machine for such a long time that I might have permanent damage from it. So if the anxiety is all I have to contend with today I feel like I am lucky. Not to make light of the anxiety. It is terrble and I wish they would find a cure for it. Hope this helps.