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Nov 30, 2016 · Adults living with scoliosis, thoracic stenosis in Spine Health

Hi — my hysterectomy was related to other surgery, and was performed in a closed operation with a da Vinci. I was up and walking within 12 hours, and actually walked out of the hospital, much to the distress of my nurse who was trying to find a wheelchair I did not need. This was far less incapacitating than any other surgery I have experienced, and it was the only “major” surgery, other than childbirth. I chose this surgeon, who chose my hospital, after six months of research (in 2008). He was one of five doctors I interviewed in as many hospitals, three of them women, and he was the furthest from my home. One of the women I interviewed recommended an open surgery; she was not trained in closed surgeries, said she had not had time to be trained, and did not recommend one versus the other. Now her hospital is trying to advertise itself as the center for such minimally invasive surgeries! If I were required to have the same surgery again, I would choose the same doctor, and again a closed, minimally invasive surgery, but I would opt for a larger hospital, not the regional affiliate that he thought I would like better because I could have a private room. In all, I made three trips to see him, including the surgery. My only regret in choosing a surgeon and hospital so far from home, was using a public restroom less than 24 hours after surgery. Next time, I would stay another day before returning home.

At the time I was unaware that my chronic back pain was related to a mild scoliosis (

Nov 29, 2016 · Treating Osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

How kind of you to reply, however, what is the research with Fosamax and Boniva?

Nov 29, 2016 · Treating Osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

So sorry that you are experiencing so much nausea — I coped by thinking about how fortunate I was to be experiencing this nausea just when I took a pill (eventually just monthly); that I could plan for the side effects and hope to reduce them; and that the doctor who prescribed this “side effect” had lived on soda crackers during her two pregnancies! I would suggest keeping handy whatever works to calm your nausea — for me it was, in fact, crackers and calcium. Planning also may involve keeping your mind active with something that you love or dislike, whatever works.

Nov 29, 2016 · Treating Osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

May I suggest an edit? Under the guidance of two widely respected physician’s in my urban area I was prescribed both Fossamax and Boniva for osteopenia. The diagnosis was not unexpected as I have a bone structure that is not as heavy as the average. Yes, I experienced gastrointestinal upset, but only for a few hours, and my sensitive stomach overcame the upset with over the counter medication and being upright for 4-6 hours — as I was working at a desk job, my routine was not altered. After less than two years on the medications, graduating from daily to monthly doses (if that helps date my experience) I was told that my bone density was no longer decreasing, and that I could stop the medication. The next exam two years later, and every two years since then, I have been told that my bone density continues to increase slightly even though I believe I am not as active as I was when first taking these medications. Therefore, I must agree with my doctors, an ob-gyn, and a gerontologist, that these medications actually reversed my bone loss. Before reading these posts, I did not regard my self as being unique in experiencing a positive outcome from this regimen, but I believe based on the experience of women like me, and the doctors who prescribed these medications, it is not correct to state unequivocally that these medications “don’t rebuild bone”.

Nov 3, 2016 · Sister has severe head pain 3 years post Meningioma surgery in Brain Tumor

Back to back outpatient surgeries (one delayed for the other to heal) gave me new insight into chronic pain. My experience this year, and reading these MAYO posts, enhanced my respect for anyone who chooses to live with pain on a daily basis year after year. That takes incredible physical and mental strength.

Meds merely reduce the pain highs, but don’t relieve pain — so my concern became addiction. Percocet was prescribed for 3-4 weeks, and more recently Hydrocodone (entering 4th week). Today I learned from a medical specialist that a combination of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen may substitute for Hydrocodone. Europe is making a pill with this combination, I was told, but it’s easy enough to replicate here. I had taken the two OTC meds (Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen) in combination with Percocet, and was extending the Hydrocodone with a combination of Acetaminophen with Ibuprofen, but it had not yet occurred to me to try the two OTC meds alone.

With respect to comparative cost, check with your insurance plans. Ibuprofen 600 mg is available only by prescription. It is not expensive, but I think it may be less by prescription than thee 200 mg pills OTC. I prefer the 200 mg — over the 600 mg, because it reduces the highs and lows, but 600 mg is better at night. Pain is personal, and what works for one, does not work for another — thanks Mayo for treating us all as individuals !

And I was reminded by my vet — Ibuprofen is fatal for cats, but not necessarily dogs.

For my pets, my vet provides pill bottles with reversible tops — one way is child proof ?, but the other is not, and provides a handy “cup” for a pill.

Thanks, regulators, for providing vet meds in green containers and people meds in armber containers. And for those of us who do not need child-proof containers, these reversible tops make taking our medications easier.

Oct 31, 2016 · Sister has severe head pain 3 years post Meningioma surgery in Brain Tumor

Just for the record — I have not had surgery and may never need to.  However, I have confidence in Mayo's and it would be useful to ask for a second opinion.  My neurosurgeon and GP recommended cutting back on the annual MRIs, with and without contrast dye. First my GP recommended and MRI every 18 months, and recently the neurosurgeon recommended every other year.  I suggested as a compromise, an annual MRI without contrast, and an every other year MRI with contrast, in addition to the MRI without contrast.  My tumor is so small that MRI specialists need to know where to look before they can find it, and even then, some cannot.  My neurosurgeon said that some of his patients have had their benign tumors removed in order to avoid the annual MRIs, and to live without the anxiety.  Given the notes here, I am going to continue with the MRIs, and try to avoid anxiety every time I get a headache.    

Oct 30, 2016 · Scoliosis and Chronic back pain in Spine Health

Yoga, Pilates, steam heat, water aerobics. Or just walking, if you can. I have been taking hydrocodone for two weeks after a dental procedure, and may be taking it for a total of three weeks. I have not noticed any change in my limited, manageable, mild scoliosis (less than 10 percent) while on this potentially addicting pain killer, even though I have been unable to resume exercise. Three months before that, I was prescribed Percocet, a more addictive medication, for almost four weeks, following repair of a muscle ripped during weight lifting — arthroscopic surgery, that has a typically long and painful recovery. For my back, 25 years ago, I tried acupuncture, with PT, and more recently observed dry needling while in PT for my shoulder surgery. The acupuncture gave me a physical high, for about 24 hours, and I would recommend it for a sense of well being prior to a once in a lifetime event, like a wedding. However, the administration of this treatment by a highly qualified DO, a second generation MD, invariably left me with one or two slightly infected sites that would clear up, after a few days — but still, I wondered if this potential for infection was really worth the temporary gain in mobility. I think that acupuncture and dry needling would have helped me when my back was in spasm following three births without anesthesia — did n’t plan it that way — but that’s what happened according to my OB who was trying to keep me lightly medicated, but nothing was effective at the time of birth. What I do remember is that my back remained in spasm for a few days after the birth. My mother said later that she also experienced back labor and I am curious whether anyone who has scoliosis also experienced back labor — back labor is a wave of contractions that you feel not only in your stomach, but also in your back. Sometimes they are simultaneous, other times they preceded or follow the other contraction.

Oct 30, 2016 · Scoliosis and Chronic back pain in Spine Health

The mother of an adult who had the metal implants at age 16 in the mid 1980’s was held to a pregnancy weight gain of 15 pounds, perhaps give her petite frame. Her child and husband are over 6 ‘; did her fetus lack sufficient nutrients because of her restricted caloric intake? She did not lose her teeth, however, so her nutrition may have been adequate for bone growth, and the scoliosis a genetic trait that was inevitable.