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Mar 24, 2017 · Pain meds for Gastric bypass patients in Chronic Pain

Hi there! Thanks so much for all the info. I have taken Tramadol in the past without relief, but will look up the Baclofen. Wow, what a mess you have been thru. God bless you and may you continue to improve.

Mar 24, 2017 · Pain meds for Gastric bypass patients in Chronic Pain

Good Morning. I am a gastric bypass patient 13 years out from surgery and maintaining my 150 lb weight loss. I have chronic daily pain from arthritis, degenerative disc disease, cervical herniated disc(s), torn meniscus, labral tear in my hip and recurring tendonitis in various places. I take Hydrocodone/Apap 10mg/325 4 times daily for pain since as gastric bypass patients we are not supposed to take NSAIDS. I get very little relief from this. It is in pill form. Does anyone else that is a weight loss surgery patient have this issue and find that it is due to malabsorption and/or anyone taking pain meds in liquid form get better relief?

Jan 9, 2017 · Worsening of pain in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Good Morning joycelowe1. Sorry to hear you are having this prob. It sounds like your “basal thumb arthritis” has gotten to the point you need more aggressive treatment. See an ortho doc, preferably one who specializes in hand treatment. He may want to splint it and or prescribe anti-inflammatory meds or give you an injection. If none of these work it may require surgery. Mine did, and it took care of the problem. Hope you get some relief soon.

Dec 23, 2016 · Pacemaker recipients. in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Good Morning! I posted a while back about my husband’s saga with infection/rejection of his two pacemakers since June 2015. Well now he is on pacemaker number 3 and is rejecting in just after two short months. His EP has referred him to Kansas City where there is a surgeon who implants the tiny lead-less pacemakers directly into the heart. Has anyone that has had complications gotten one of these and how has it worked for you? thanks in advance.

Dec 18, 2016 · What to expect with spine surgery? in Spine Health

@sschmitt77 Thanks so much! It is ok. Used to daily chronic pain as have it in many joints, but the tingling thing has just been recent weeks. Just got a cortisone injection in my knee for a torn meniscus and my hip for torn cartilage/arthritis/tendonitis in the same day a week ago. They have calmed down some for now. May need surgery on them some day down the road. Have had many joint surgeries over the years and still have issues that continue. Prayers the spine specialist will help you sooner than later, and yes, Mayo and other websites have lots of useful info, thanks much and God Bless!

Dec 18, 2016 · What to expect with spine surgery? in Spine Health

@sschmitt77 sorry to hear that didn’t help. They did “Anterior Cervical Discectomy with fusion and instrumentation” on me. You can look that up to read about it, but in our terms, yes, they went through the front and removed the bad disc and replaced it with a donor bone and secured it with a metal plate and screws. I did not have to wear a neck brace, though some do, and I think it would have helped me remember more how NOT to move my neck the ways they didn’t want me to for several weeks. No bending, lifting and all that. The recovery time pain was manageable with pain meds for a few weeks and then OTC’s. My only complaint has been they should have done both of mine that were bad instead of just the one as I have continued to have problems from the other. I think insurance dictated they just do the one then. Now six years later I am about to go back finally and see what stage I am at on these others. I have degenerative disc disease, stenosis and spondylosis diagnosed with the original herniated discs and now I am having wrist and hand pain and tingling in fingers and wondering if it is associated with the neck issues.

Dec 18, 2016 · What to expect with spine surgery? in Spine Health

@sschmitt77 There are many terms used to describe spinal disc pathology and associated pain, such as “herniated disc,” “pinched nerve,” and “bulging disc,” and all are used differently and, at times, interchangeably. From your description, those are TWO involved areas, not 4. The impinged one means pressing on a nerve and it will likely be the one they want to repair surgically if conservative measures like physical therapy don’t help. Also, like other posters stated they can replace the disc with a donor bone. I had this surgery in 2010 on c5/c6, and like you the one above AND below were also herniated, but not to the point surgery was yet required. However, some folks do get two done at the same time here in the USA as my sister-in-law did right here in AR after a car accident. Hope this helps.

Dec 5, 2016 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Morning! April from Arkansas here. Many ortho surgeries over the years from chronic tendonitis/bursitis. Both shoulders scoped, one of them twice, ten years apart, both elbows, one wrist, left thumb from arthritis and herniated disc in neck from early degenerative disc disease at age 49. I have another disc right below that one that needs replacing and now, at age 55, am in chronic daily pain, in both shoulders again, my hip, knee and now inner elbows radiating down to the wrists, and hands including tingling. Talk about a mess. I take 4 Hydrocodones a day as due to being a gastric bypass patient, not supposed to take NSAIDS. The pain meds barely touch my pain. I have been diagnosed 4 years ago with arthritis in my hip and had a couple cortisone injections in it. The knee pain is 4 months old and started when the car door shut on it as I was getting out of it one day. My elbow/wrist mess is just a few weeks old. I am finally going to start going to see about some of this and hope to get some answers/treatment soon. I have an Ortho appt this week to see about my hip and knee and then will go from there.