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Aug 13, 2016 · problems after chlamydia in Women's Health

I contracted Chlamydia from my partner and was treated within the month of getting it. shortly after being treated i noticed i was having discharge and abdominal bloating, cramping, irregular periods, spotting and bleeding during intercourse, pressure in my bladder, urine frequency and burning. i went back to my doctor on base (i am military) and she said it was strange i was having these issues and she sent me for another chlamydia test. it was negative. i went toan urgent care off base because the pain was extremely annoying and i couldn’t stand the constant visits to the bathroom. i was treated for a UTI even thought my tests weren’t positive for one. i was given cipro and also sent for my second chlamydia test because of my discharge. after a few days of the cipro not working i was able to get an appointment on base. the doctor performed a pelvic exam and got cultures and then diagnosed me with pelvic inflammatory disease and prescribed me levaquin and also flagyl because i had BV….i was sent for std checks again and it was negative as well. and sent for a ultrasound pelvic and trans bag which came back normal. i took the levaquin for two weeks and had absolutely no change in anything. i had seen my OBGYN and she said it wasn’t a big deal. the medicine would treat it and off i went… so after i was done the levaquin i had all of the same symptoms so i went back to urgent care and told the woman my problems and she did a pelvic exam.. said my cervix was irritated looking so she gave me a shot and two weeks of doxy. i had noticed myself slowly getting better in this time.. but as soon as medication was done i noticed symptoms came back. so i went back to the base doctor. she was extremely rude to me. yelled at me for having unprotected sex which at the time i had obviously stopped since being diagnosed with pid. my pelvic exam was painful… then she just prescribed me levaquin again….and azithromicin(spelling is suspect) and set me for more labs…. urine tests..uti check etc all negative. within five days of taking the levaquin no change. i decided to go to the ER and tell them my situation. the lady told me because of my past of endometriosis and my surgeries for it that i could possibly just be having a lot going on. so they gave me rosephin through an iv and also gave me doxy cyclone and flagyl.. also performed an ultrasound. ultrasound was normal besides cysts this time. but i have a history of cysts. so while taking this medicine i noticed a difference. i saw my ob again she told me it would just “take time”…. i then left my base because i am now stationed in korea. so my time in-between bases i was home on leave. i started experiencing the same issues once again. along with a killer yeast infection. i started taking anti biotics but the pain and urine issues were so annoying i decided to go to the urgent care. they turned me away and told me to go to the er. the doctor told me my ultrasound was okay besides the one large cyst on my left ovary had the possibility to cause pain.. which i feel. and she said right now nothing was an emergency so she could only treat me for the yeast infection and to follow up with an OBGYN. and that there was no way pid was still possible at this point. so then i called my insurance to try to get approval for an OB and they had to give me a primary care provider first, so by the time i saw one she gave me a referral and no OBGYNs would take me in a short time. so i was screwed. i went for a follow up with them and she did a pelvic exam and more tests for chlamydia and all. everything was negative. so nothing i could besides suck it up. i just now get to my base in korea and we have no obgyn readily available. i went to my doctor and gave him this entire same story because now I’m having a lot of discharge and bad cramping spotting and also bloating and urinary issues again and he did cultures and said it looked like some sort of infection…. he told me it was most likely not pid anymore… and also said i probably have interstitial cystitis… he told me to change my diet and come back in two weeks. I’m tired of this. i want to be better but i just don’t understand what is going on with me. i asked to be referred to an OB at another base about three hours away but he said it wouldn’t do any good. I’m just exhausted and feel helpless and i want this fixed before anything else goes wrong…… so now i have to wait two weeks to be seen again.. i don’t understand how i am diagnosed with this when this problem has been happening only since i got chlamydia.. that was back in march. i just need answers or someone with advice who has gone through this that can help me at all..