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Aug 10, 2016 · Shortness of breath mystery in Lung Health

I am a 69 y/o female who takes no meds. For years I have had shortness of breath preventing me from being able to walk a block; my hair is also thinning (no indication it is genetic). After screening including Echocardiogram, CAT Scan, MRI, and Chest X-Ray ruling out heart issues, COPD, lung cancer, emphysema, and asthma, I convinced the fifth doctor I tried to order a complete iron screen even though my iron tests came back high. The complete screen showed high results for all except Ferritin which was very low. Until I could see my doctor again, I researched treatments and started taking 10 mg/day bioavailable iron (Bovine Ferritin and as aspartate) which helped somewhat. My oxygen levels went from the 86-88 range to 89-91. My doctor supported the course of action I implemented and suggested taking 20 mg/day which may have helped a bit more. I have moved to another city and have yet to find a new doctor. Even when I do, I am leery about finding one who was as willing as the fifth doctor was to pay attention to my request. Does anyone have any ideas, theories, or experiences that can help me? I want my energetic, wonderful life back!