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Aug 5, 2016 · Is it possible that I incurred any amount of (permanent) brain damage? in Brain & Nervous System

Last month I was a passenger in a car that had to abruptly come to a halt. We didn’t crash into anything, and my head didn’t hit anything. I went to my doctor and he said that it is very unlikely I developed a concussion or anything similar to that.

My concern is this. I have developed significant and recurring headaches since the incident. I am very sensitive to bad driving and have been dealing with profound headaches for years. I was in a much better spot until this car ride which seemed to have revived the headaches with a vengeance. I have noticed that my thinking has become a bit clouded and my ability to process what I am reading has diminished, sometimes I will read a paragraph multiple times without retaining any of the information. I have also had trouble recalling words and their meanings which normally I am very good at.

A lot of this haziness normally happens whenever I have a particularly bad spell of headaches. I want to ask whether it is physiologically possible for there to be permanent brain damage (to ANY degree) from this incident. The car was moving at regular speeds (30-40 mph) before the breaks were slammed. No, the airbags did not deploy.

Serious treatment of my concern would really be appreciated, and any thoughts you had to offer would very much put me at ease.