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Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

I have IBS with constipation. I’ve seen specialists and had colonoscopies. They always prescribed fiber supplements which never helped and actually seemed to make things worse. I did some research on line..reputable links like Mayo, WebMD, etc. There I read fiber supplements don’t work for everyone. When I pushed the issue with my doctor they told me to start using MiraLAX. It did help but when I first started using it I got cramps before going to the bathroom. That went away after a short time. I now use ClearLAX which is Walmart’s version of MiraLAX every night. I also watch what I eat. I can’t digest beef well and too much doughy stuff like pizza doesn’t go well for me. I can have 1 slice of pizza but if I eat 2 or 3, I feel it within an hour of eating it. I make a LOT of soups with lots of veggies and use chicken or organic chicken broth as a base. I can’t eat too much at one time so I graze throughout the day. As for what I can and can’t eat..it’s different for everyone so you have to experiment. I have to stay away from fiber drinks like Metamucil Psyllium Fiber though. Again..everyone is different but if I use that stuff I feel just like you described. I stick to ClearLAX.

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

safetyshield: i was told by my gastroenterologist that there are many people out there with hiatal herniea and never know it because they never cause the patient any problems. And then there are those who have issues. Grazing…multiple small meals throughout the day is good advice for both the hernia issue and IBS. In fact, I’ve read it’s just a healthy way of eating…period. I grown to appreciate it and enjoy it more than 3 larger meals a day.

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

Fiber can be good for some and not great for others. Everyone is different. My doctors pushed it for a while and then realized it wasn’t right for me and told me to stop using fiber supplements. I use MiraLAX/ClearLAX and usually eat one or two Fiber One brownies a day to satisfy my sweet tooth. The combination seems to be working well for me. My IBS with constipation is doing quite well. When I get a bad flair up I just start eating homemade chicken veggie soup that I simmer for two hours to really get everything soft and easily digestible. I also drink Ensure twice a day. With a really bad attack I’ll stay on that regimen for a week or so and then things work themselves out again and I go back to my regular diet. Basically I try to get my two kinds of fiber from a natural diet.

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

You’re welcome cherriann and good luck. Like I said I’ve read from several reputable sources that fiber supplements are not for everyone. Easy goes it with changes in diet. If you’re having problems, of course see your doctor first but eat foods that are easy to digest and lay off raw fruits and veggies for a while. Cook fresh veggies until they are soft and easily digested. That’s what my doctor said and it seems to work. I’m all for fresh veggies that are raw or gently cooked but when I’m dealing with an IBS attack…very easy does it. I even substitute a few mini meals a day with Ensure if I’m really having trouble with a painful stomach that’s not digesting properly. .

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

Ok..first don’t laugh at this because it DOES sound funny. Also this is NOT a commerical. This is my own personal experience.

I was just in the bathroom and a light bulb went on. I should tell you all about…wait for it (and don’t laugh)…the Squatty Potty. Oh gosh even I’m sitting here laughing. Why the heck did they name it that. Here’s the story. I was in a having a LOT of problems with IBS with constipation. I had had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and the doctor was touting fiber with a little advice about diet. Ok…so there I was trying to get myself so I could go to the bathroom without straining really hard and causing other problems. I discovered fiber was not for me but MiraLAX/ClearLAX worked well but still there was quite a bit of straining.

One night my husband and I were channel surfing looking for something to watch when we saw this crazy product on a program called “Shark Tank”. These people had come up with a foot stool that wraps around the base of your toilet so it’s not in the way. When you want to have a bowel movement you just pull it out and put your feet up on it. I hope I use the write terms to describe this correctly.They showed a diagram of how there’s a bend in the lower end of your colon that your stool (note the foot stool…the poop stool) has to maneuver before evacuating. They said by putting your feet up you straighten that bend out so your stool can more easily just slide out. I watched and thought it was hype but they started giving some medical info and my husband said I should do a little research and check it out. By the way…the blonde chick on that show became partners with them and they’re making a killing now on those foot stools.

First I went to Amazon to see if they were sold there and they were. I started reading reviews written by recent verified purchasers ONLY. The numerous reviews were very positive. It was being sold as an Amazon Prime item so I knew I had nothing to lose. If I didn’t like it I could return it free of charge. After a little more research I decided to try it. OMG….IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing. At the time I first tried it, I was having bowel movements. It’s just it was kind of hard to get them out. I put my feet up on that stool as directed and within a minute or so I was done without straining. I yelled to my husband…”honey, you won’t believe it. I just pooped and it didn’t hurt”….lol. I’ve been using it ever since and wouldn’t be without it. Now this stool does NOT keep you from getting constipated. That’s diet and the things your doctor tells you to do. This just makes it SO much easier to go. I don’t strain any more. I HIGHLY recommend anyone with bowel issues tries one of these things. It’s so worth every penny.

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

Thanks cherriann: I know it’s hard not to laugh. I really had some doubts just because of that stupid name. How undignified…lol. You think that’s funny, you should see the last commercial I saw for it on their website.

Well writing that last sentence made me go to the website and see if there’s anything new. Oh for heaven’s sake. Now we’ve got unicorns pooping soft serve rainbow ice cream???? Oh grosssssssss. Who comes up with this stuff. The video does show how the footstool works and why though…regardless of how stupid it is. It’s true…how it works…NOT the unicorn.LOLLLLL

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

Maybe we should make an effort to get the word out. I know how much it helped me.

Nov 6, 2017 · Eye evisceration in Eye Conditions

Thank you Jamie: I’ll try to remember to come back and keep kind of a log. Just remind me if I slack off…lol. Right now I’m just trying to stay calm and relax. I’m having the procedure done at a specialist’s office. They have an ambulatory surgical section. There hasn’t been must “support” other than very nice people telling me what expect and when to be there.

There’s such a lonnng story leading up to this surgery that I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’ll just really try to capsule it and say… I had RA from an early age….too many steroids over a long period of time before the RA burned itself out. Steroids led to chronic glaucoma and uveitis which led to years of eye problems which finally led to this day. I have other medical issues to so that makes things a little more difficult.

As for what I’m having done right now. Friday the surgeon will perform an evisceration and insert a round globe to hold the shape of the eye. I can just live with that globe and wear a patch or…..I think he said a lense could be made to fit over the front of the globe that would look like a real eye lense. Because of my age and our financial situation and the distance I’d have to travel to go to someone who could make the lense, I’ll probably just live with the globe. I just have to find some place to buy soft patches that won’t irriate my face. My husband says he’s not concerned about the way I’ll look and I don’t go out much so I’m not going to be seen a lot anyway. I’ll just wear the patch when I leave the house.

I’ll come back after the surgery and tell you how it went.