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Mon, Feb 3 9:19pm · Achalasia in Digestive Health

Thanks Colleen. I am having an upper endoscopy and bravo ph monitoring test in September.

Mon, Feb 3 9:19pm · Achalasia in Digestive Health

Thanks Elsie. I have tried apple cider vinegar which I think is the same idea but not consistently. I think I will try a nutritionist to get tested for food sensitivities. I’ve also tried this in the past without success but need to keep trying different things…

Mon, Feb 3 9:19pm · Achalasia in Digestive Health

I am 46 and I was diagnosed with acalasia of the esophagus in 1992 (at age 22) and underwent an esophageal myotomy and Nissan fundal plication. I have seen some of the best doctors (I have been told) at northwestern in Chicago, mayo in Rochester and most recently in the twin cities. I continue to have reflux and wake up every night with pain. Strangely- the only thing that helps is eating. Most acid blockers have not helped. I have been on omeprazole with mixed results. I also am often extremely bloated by the end of the day- or wake up bloated when I have “chest” or esophagus pain at night. I may have mild gastroparesis but have no stomach pain. I am very, very concerned about the damage the reflux is doing to my esophagus. I have started going through the usual battery of tests again and have my final two in sept. before I meet with my doctor again. Anyone else experience anything like this? Thank you!