Why become a living donor?

Living donors save lives every day.

The choice to become a living organ donor gives the ultimate gift of a second chance at life to someone in need. Learn why these ordinary people chose the extraordinary and saved someone’s life.

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Living donor: Michael Koetting
You have the opportunity to change someone’s life, to potentially save someone’s life, at little risk to yourself. As an endurance athlete who has completed Ironman triathlons and more than two dozen marathons, Michael Koetting does not fear physical challenges. So when he learned he could use his good health to help a stranger in need, he never hesitated. Excerpt of Sharing Mayo Clinic story from Michael Koetting, Orono, MN. Learn more about Michael’s story and why he was so… Read More »
Living donor: Nicole Bayne
God had a plan. I thought that if my kidney could save one firefighter, Jairus, in turn, could save many more lives. Nicole Bayne, an accountant from Phoenix, was moved by a TV news report about a firefighter at the Gila River Fire Department in Arizona who was greatly in need of a kidney transplant. It was Jairus Pierce. Excerpt of Sharing Mayo Clinic story from Nicole Bayne, Phoenix, AZ. Read More »
Living donor: Kati Walker
I feel like the winner in all this. When Kati heard in an email that her child’s school principal needed a kidney, she didn’t hesitate to get tested. Now Kati and the recipient of her kidney, Nancy, have become close friends. Kati’s living donor story was taken from Facebook Live.  Excerpt of Sharing Mayo Clinic story from Kati Walker, Scottsdale, AZ.  Learn more about Kati’s story and watch the Facebook Live video of her and the recipient of her kidney. Read More »