Video Q&A about Celiac Disease in Children

Thu, Apr 4
11:00am to 11:30am CT


In this video Q&A, Dr. Angela Mattke, Dr. Imad Absah, pediatric gastroenterologist, and Amber Hillman, R.N. talk about celiac disease.

Learn more about

  • What are the symptoms of celiac disease
  • How you confirm the diagnosis
  • How does celiac differ from gluten sensitivity



is it possible that children will have seizures due to this disease? Along with exhaustion?


Can a child be misdiagnosed as epileptic and narcolepsy, and mono; if a doctor would see a child with the same symptoms as children with celiac disease. Family have been diagnosed with celiac, however, when taken to the doctor, the doctor would just say they had a belly ache and or the bloating of the stomach just meant they were full. The bloating was so bad that they looked more like Ethiopians. The doctor never tested them for celiac disease is this common?


Great helpful discussion.

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