Video Q&A about Cancer and Genetics

Tue, Oct 15
12:00pm to 12:45pm CT


gastroenterologist Dr. Jewel Samadder; oncology nurse and education Kelli Fee-Schroeder; and genetic counselor Maggie Klint. discuss and answer questions about cancer and genetics.





Question – My mother is a 35 year survivor of ovarian cancer. She had genetic testing done and discovered that the two BRCA genes were not implicated. Is there any evidence that there may be other genes that are involved with the transmission of ovarian cancer?


I was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer one year ago and received Proton beam therapy and Lupron injections over 18 months, which is pretty standard practice. I just saw a video on the use of PARP inhibitors with a diagnosis of mutation of certain genes. This sounds like a break through in treatment. Do you see more analysis of Gene mutation in diagnosis and treatment for cancer?


My brother was recently diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiform. Is there any genetic testing that can be done for other family members to know if they carry any the gene?


I was part of a genetic research study for heredity breast cancer in the mid 1990's. at that time I was informed I did not have a BRCA gene mutation. This past year my brother was diagnosed with breast cancer and found out he did carry the BRCA2 gene mutation. At that point I decided to be retested and indeed I do carry the BRCA2 gene mutation. The results of the original study were wrong. Any insight how often this may have happened or is happening to others.


I am so proud and honored to be a part of the department of clinical genomics team and be able to work with Dr. Samadder and one of our two amazing genetic counselors, Maggie! Thank you to all three of you for informing and spreading the word about cancer genomics. This is a very important topic and one that could save and change lives for those with cancer and their family members.

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