Video Q&A about Pelvic Floor Disorder

Fri, May 19
3:00pm to 3:30pm CT


Dr.Johnny Yi discusses pelvic floor disorders.

Learn more about:

  • Risk factors
  • Prevention
  • Treatments
  • Research



I have had surgery for bladder and uteral prolapse I am also suffering with pelvic floor muscle spasms my surgery was 5 months ago I am still suffering with swelling only on the left side where my spasms are I am going to a physical therapist …. the dr. told me the surgery would correct my problem but as of today I am still not 100% not able to sit with out the swelling just posting for other women having surgery the buldge is gone however I am still not able to do all of the things I was able to do before ….. my surgery was not with mesh… my dr.thinks that I will be at 100% do you see this type of recovery with other patents? also I did not have to have a sling I am 56 yrs old

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