#MayoClinicNeuroChat on Stroke and AVM

Fri, May 12
5:00pm to 5:30pm CT


Dr. Bernard Bendok, neurosurgeon, and Dr. Kara Sands, neurologist, at Mayo Clinic in Arizona talk about stroke and arteriovenous malformation (AVM).

Learn more about:

  1. Cause, symptoms and risk factors of stroke
  2. Symptoms and causes of AVM (arteriovenous malformation)



Does an AVM affect taste or eye-sight?
I am having trouble with both.


I had a TIA in 2007. I also have cirrhosis of the liver due to NASH and just found out by echo that I have aortic sclerosis. What are the chances of having a stroke. I am on Plavix and aspirin daily. Thank you in advance.


I had a AVM stroke in January (2017) and an Onyx plug about 2 months ago. I saw several bad comments of the Onyx on line. How safe is the Onyx these days in general , issues over time and to exercise now?


My AVM stroke in January (2017) caused an issue with the Meyer loop which causes issues in both eyes at the top/left side. It seems some days the vision is improving but should this recover completely. If so, how long before results. Is there any thing to improve the recovery?


I have an AVM in my left maxillary/facial area that extends into my mouth, down my throat and covers about 70% of my tongue and have had 10 etoh ablations and a few laser treatments with Dr. Chong and Dr. Hinnie at Mayo. My first question is what is the likelihood of this involving other areas? My second question involves a patient of mine ( I am a nurse practitioner) that has a spinal AVM which is causing him lower extremity weakness, where his legs will “give out” while he is standing it walking. He had an embolization last year but symptoms have returned. No AVM seen on MRI… just wondering where to go with him next?
Thank you in advance,

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