What Is, Or Was, Your Chemo Plan?

Posted by marybe @marybe, Mar 12, 2019

I just got my chemo plan yesterday. I start next week. Adriamycin and Cytoxin (red devil) every two weeks for 8 weeks (4 treatments) and then Taxol every two weeks for 4 treatments. A total of 16 weeks. Does that seem about average?

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Everyone's plan is different, I just finished chemo and start radiation next week. I had same AC amount, every other week for 4 treatments. The dr delayed the 4th treatment of AC by a week because of fatigue. Then I had 12 weeks of Taxol. I had minimum side effects. Some nausea, but medications helped. Biggest problem was fatigue, I just learned to listen to by body and when tired, I took it easy and rested.

On emotion side, the isolation was hard. I wanted to make sure I did not catch a cold or flu during treatment, so limited amount time I was exposed to people. I still went to grocery store, and did few things, but avoided crowds. It worked, this is first winter I did not have a cold or cough.

Good luck


A friend sent me the following article that I thought may be helpful for those undergoing or preparing for chemotherapy or other cancer related treatments.

Early Evidence Shows Fasting, Keto Diet May Make Chemo and Some Other Cancer Treatments More Effective and Easier to Tolerate:

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