What Is, Or Was, Your Chemo Plan?

Posted by marybe @marybe, Mar 12, 2019

I just got my chemo plan yesterday. I start next week. Adriamycin and Cytoxin (red devil) every two weeks for 8 weeks (4 treatments) and then Taxol every two weeks for 4 treatments. A total of 16 weeks. Does that seem about average?

Everyone's plan is different, I just finished chemo and start radiation next week. I had same AC amount, every other week for 4 treatments. The dr delayed the 4th treatment of AC by a week because of fatigue. Then I had 12 weeks of Taxol. I had minimum side effects. Some nausea, but medications helped. Biggest problem was fatigue, I just learned to listen to by body and when tired, I took it easy and rested.

On emotion side, the isolation was hard. I wanted to make sure I did not catch a cold or flu during treatment, so limited amount time I was exposed to people. I still went to grocery store, and did few things, but avoided crowds. It worked, this is first winter I did not have a cold or cough.

Good luck

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