What disease(s) could I have? Frequent urination, back pain

Posted by lune @lune, Apr 9, 2019


On a walking trip of 10 km, I have to pee 2 times and once again when I arrive at home.
When I want to pee I have pain bottom left of my back, sometimes bottom right too.
I have heart pain sometimes too.
And since some weeks I have pain at some precise points of my stomach.

I have done urine analysis, no problems have been found.

Could you tell me some disease I could have please?

Thank you!

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Could it be walking that is causing the pain at the bottom of your back and nothing to do with peeing? When I do hours of gardening…or even 10 minutes, my lower back aches like the dickens. My physiotherapist told me to stop and periodically put my hands on my waist and bend backwards about 10x for a few seconds each time for relief of arthritis in my lower spine. I also have disc issues which causes a different kind of pain on my right side only which may also be your issue. On a recent trip to Holland where I walked all day in Amsterdam, my lower back was aching terribly. I took Advil which helped a lot. Maybe you can do that before you set out on your walks.
The peeing part may be completely unrelated to the pain in your back…unless the pain is gone in an extended period after you pee.
Kidney pain is more mid back so rule that out.
If you have pain in precise points in your 'stomach', is that your colon area? Constipation? Take 2 magnesium citrate pills before bed and see if after a few days, the pains are gone. Apparently, after vitamin D, magnesium is what we are most lacking in our diets. https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/evolutionary-psychiatry/201106/magnesium-and-the-brain-the-original-chill-pill
As for the 'heart pain', is it sharp? Does it stay in one place? Does it hurt more to take a deep breath? If so to any one of these 3 questions, it's most likely muscular.
You need to do your own research. We have the internet at our disposal. You can check side effects of any meds you take. You can go on the Mayo Clinic or Harvard University medical site, Dr Axe or Dr. Weil sites, all credible and reliable sources of medical information. We all need to take charge of our own health and not rely solely on our doctors.


I have pain right side groin shoots to lower back. Now i have put up with it my doctor has taken test after test all comes back good. But i. Lay, sit, stand and pain is 9-10 always i tell her she has to give me something. Burning feeling in lower back. Help


@bigirl, I send you my sincere hope that you are having a Good Morning. I want to welcome you to Mayo Connect. I am a volunteer mentor, and I have no medical history with the kind of pain that you are experiencing. I think that you did the right thing to go to your doctor. The 'good' results is a good sign, but unfortunately is not doing any good for your intense pain. In my opinion a constant 9-10 pain must be having a profound effect on daily living. Is that correct? Have you asked your doctor what you can do for the pain? or what could be causing this pain?

I apologize for bombarding you with questions when you are feeling so poorly. However it would be helpful if you would share a little bit more about yourself. How old are you? Were you experiencing related symptoms prior to your hiking experience? Any underlying medical conditions that you are aware of?


I have pain right side groin shoots to lower back. Now i have put up with it my doctor has taken test after test all comes back good. But i. Lay, sit, stand and pain is 9-10 always i tell her she has to give me something. Burning feeling in lower back. Help

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I was having similar pain but more at 5 intensity and I went to see my physiotherapist. She assessed me for a disc issue. She told me that 2 standout signs of a bulging disc are that it hurts to sneeze or cough AND sitting is painful; both of which I had. With treatment it resolved to a great degree. Although I still have back issues, she has given me particular exercises and even 1 simple stretch for when I garden, for example and am in bad paid that really do help. Ice helps as always. Turmeric stirred into one's morning smoothie is good for inflammation (terrible taste but who cares when one is in pain, right?!). So I would recommend a good physiotherapist. I'd recommend mine but she's in Montreal where you likely do not live…
Pain in your stomach could be an unrelated issue…constipation? Magnesium citrate at bedtime every night for years works for me.
And your 'heart pain' if it does not radiate, is likely stress…muscles tighten and cause sharp pain. Another cause is dehydration. Drink plenty of water. Have you seen football players writhing on the sidelines at games from dehydration? It causes excruciating muscle cramps. Drink, drink, drink…and drink even more if you are on BP lowering meds that contain a diuretic. and have another drink of water for every cup of tea or coffee because they cause dehydration. And if it's hot out, drink even more!
Good luck! Let us know how things work out.


Hi @lune and welcome to Connect.
As others have commented these do sound as if they may not be related, although if they started simultaneously it is an awfully big coincidence. I think many people do feel pain around their heart with stress or exercise, but even so, it would not hurt to consult with your doctor.
If you have pain at the bottom of your back and also have to pee it sounds as if possibly something is pushing against your urethra. You do not say your age, is it possible that you could be pregnant? Often people do have to pee frequently when they are pregnant, and also have pain where you mention.
I really hope you make an appointment and see your doctor. In the meantime, you can do some research yourself so you don't go your doctor with no knowledge of what it could be. I always find that helpful, even when I am wrong. At least I have done some investigating. Then the doctor will often explain why it is something else, not what I thought it might possibly be.
Please let us know how you are doing, and if you do see a doctor, please let us know what the doctor says.
I hope you will feel better soon, but it does sound as if this is something that may need attention.

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