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Posted by Molly Mcmahome @mcmahome, Oct 20, 2014

We’re glad you’re apart of this group. Ask questions, give advice, share your story. We’re here to answer questions and provide you with resources, but really this is your space, connect and learn from others. Feel free to introduce yourself!

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I’m Dr. Harrison, director of our pediatric pain services at Mayo and the medical director of the Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Program. What tools have you learned to use to manage your pain? Have you seen the iBeatpain app for teens in iTunes? Check it out!


The doctor sent my biopsy done Aug. 21 away to another lab, saying it was a granuloma, but did not say what he is trying for find out. I was told it will depend on what he asked for as to how long it will take. Is this unusual?

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