Visiting Jacksonville how to handle airline bookings

Posted by jkhkev @jkhkev, May 15 7:49am

How do I handle booking an airline to Jacksonville Florida if I don't know how long we will be staying? We are scheduled for an appointment on a Friday first appointment in the morning, will we be completed by the end of the first day? Thanks for any advise, NH of Cincinnati

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jkhkev @jkhkev

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Your question about being able to fly home on same day of first appointment is a tough question to answer. Depends on section your appointment is in and what you are being seen for.

If provider orders tests after your first appointment, you may not get them all done on same day.

Have you created a Portal sign-on, do you see anything additional tests scheduled yet?

Have you had previous test and sent results to Mayo? Even with previous test, they may want to repeat or order additional tests.

You can call the appointment desk and ask, though they may not be able to answer that question either.

Would you like to share the area you are being seen in?


My husband JKH is being seen for symptoms of Persistent postural-perceptual dizziness PPPD. We are needing a diagnosis. The appointment is July or sooner. He has been like this for almost a year now.


Hello jkhkev. Mayo Clinic has a department called Patient Travel Services that is available to assist patients and their companions with travel needs including: new airline reservations, changes to existing travel itineraries, hotel and car reservations, ground transportation including shuttles and limousine service, and Mayo patient discounted rates available.

Patient Travel Services can be reached by phone at 866-551-3392 or by email at For more information on Patient Travel Services, please visit


Thank you Cheyenne,
I will give them a call!


Additional FYI: Booking one-way tickets is often half the price each of a round-trip ticket. One direction may be more or less expensive than the other way however the total price usually is within fifty dollars of a round trip with a lot more flexibility. The other option is to pay for a totally flexible round trip for a higher price, but they still often require 24-hour notice for change. Also, get the airline app which will help with changes and last-minute bookings. I'm a million-mile flyer with no set schedule so judge for yourself.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I was planning on making more phone calls anyway.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I was planning on making more phone calls anyway.

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Wishing you the best of luck, and I hope your trip goes smoothly. I’m just back from Jacksonville and had a more positive experience without as many scheduling issues as last time because I just wasn’t aware how much Jacksonville relies on self-scheduling.

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