Vagifem use and what helps vaginal dryness

Posted by colely @colely, Apr 13, 2023

Has anyone been told by their gynecologist that they can safely use this product? My oncologist told me to ask my Gyn. My gynecologist refused to prescribe it after my mastectomy. Nothing she recommended works. I've seen different views on the safety of this product. I am ER+ HER2-.

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@semurrey saw your post of Apr. Just wondering your results using Ah Yes. I just ordered moisturizer & lubricant. TIA

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HI! I must say I wasn't wowed with either of these AH! products. OTC Replens at CVS was much more helpful - but thicker and a bit messy but provided much more moisture and lubrication. It is just so painful and might just try the estrogen cream that my GYN and onco said would be safe even with my ILC estrogen +. You might like the AH! so keep us posted. xoxo

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