Trying to find answers after cecopexy - tortuous colon - mobile cecum

Posted by cristinaespejo @cristinaespejo, Dec 15, 2021

It’s been 7 years since my cecopexy. The first couple of years I felt quite well. I had suffered from constipation, bloating, cramping and Auden sharp pain in my abdomen for years. I consulted with several doctors in NYC and all I could get was an IBS diagnosis. On one of my trip to Cuba to visit my family, I visited a colon surgeon that told me my symptoms more likely were caused by a mobile cecum which causes people to have appendicitis-liked episodes. Upon a barium x-ray (one laying down and one standing) the surgeon could confirm that not only my cecum was mobile but my colon was elongated and in fact most of the transversal colon was on the lower part of my abdomen. The week later I got surgery. A cecopexy i which they also attached part of my colon to my right abdominal muscle. After a month that it took me to recover I felt 80 better. No more bloating or cramping, no more extreme fatigue and cold feet and hands. Now 4 years after pregnancy, I find myself with more symptoms than ever. Nausea, malaise, bloating, fatigue, poor sleep, cramping… I have visited some GI doctors in NyC and they have informed me they have never heard of the surgery I got and that my symptoms might be caused by IBS and stress … I can’t go back to Cuba to visit my doctor there who assures me my symptoms are most likely caused by the elongated colon that had stretched even more during my pregnancy. I can’t find a specialist in the US that is familiar with this condition and I am really frustrated and worried. Any recommendation you could give me as were to find a specialist?

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I also had a very long, colon that gave me issues for 60 years– bloating, cramping, constipation, diarrhea– constant problems. Then at age 60, 5 years ago, I had a major bowel obstruction which resulted in a right hemicolectomy and 18" of my bowel removed. Long recovery but doing much better after 5 years. My condition was caused by a malrotated cecum which is a congenital birth defect. I guess there is no way to detect until you obstruct. My understanding of a cepopexy is that it can come undone from attachment to the abdominal wall after time. I would try to see as many of the best colorectal surgeons as possible for consults. You sure don't want to end up with a bowel obstruction. Best of luck!


I just got diagnosed with elongated Colon after my colonoscopy. My Doctor said he had a difficult time get the colonoscopy done. Then he explained reluctant colon. His last words where that my result were normal. It's been a week and I have changed to gluten free diet. I have bloating and gas. Sometimes I have BM that I can't get to the bathroom in time. Did your doctor ever explain how you developed the reluctant colon? I'm 66 and out of probably 20 colonoscopy this is the first mention of it. I'm thinking when I had a full hysterectomy that with time and age my colon lost it's elasticity. I will call my doctor for a follow-up. This forum is to help educate me were my doctor didn't even ask about my symptoms. I feel I have a good doctor. Reading your post has helped me realize I must keep the lines of communication open.


In 2015 my appendix ruptured on a cruise ship with sepsis. 5 hours of surgery and 2 weeks in the hospital in the Azores near Portugal took place.
2 Incisional hernia surgeries with mesh in the next few years. I now have a mobile and bascule cecum. Do I really need another surgery and is it possible with the two meshes?

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