Increased risk of cancer? thyroid w/ multiple nodules < 1cm (9mm)

Posted by Goaway @nemo1, Feb 21 7:24am

Two part question:

My thyroid is followed the last two years and counting for multiple nodules that are 9mm.

1. Is there an increased risk for thyroid cancer?
If so, is there anything I can do to prevent it?

2. Can nodules in the thyroid cause hypothyroid?

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Ben, thank you for expanding on nodules.

I suppose then being they are under 1 cm, I can breath a little easier. I just hope they don’t keep developing. I have thought seven nodules was a lot to have sprinkled around the thyroid. But I suppose size is of more importance (?}

I hope your recent ultrasounds results are good.

Will you need monitoring forever? Or will they stop the ultrasounds at some point? I need/have routine radiology exams for other issues. Wondering…

Thank you!!!

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nemo11: In answer to your question " Will you need monitoring forever? " I did not ask her that. She said come back in a couple of years and I expect to do another Ultrasound then or maybe some other form of imaging that has been discovered.


Hi everybody with thyroid nodule concerns. My husband had thyroid cancer in 2008. The back story is that something questionable turned up on a simple chest x-ray he had for some other thing (respiratory influenza). He was referred to endocrinology. I have an excellent endocrinologist and hauled my husband off to visit her. She examined him, did a needle aspiration and ordered a biopsy. My husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He had his thyroid removed and went on Synthroid / Levothyroxine. He was followed up with labs and scans for several years. Then the cancer was deemed to be resolved. Our endocrinologist discharged him from her care and our primary took over monitoring and adjusting the Synthroid / Levothyroxine.

Regarding thyroid nodules and hypothyroidism my husband does have symptoms of hypothyroidism at times but given he has no thyroid it it usually a matter of his med needing to be adjusted. Switching to my situation. I have a history of hyperthyroidism / Graves’ disease. It has been treated and I’ve been warned that over time it could switch to hypothyroidism. Our beloved endocrinologist is keeping an eye on this. Here is what this has to do with nodules. It has to do with family tree stuff and genetics. Our daughter was diagnosed with thyroglossal duct cysts. (Are those similar to nodules?) They were removed (probably biopsied; no news is good news?) A few years ago she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Long story short - A good endocrinologist is worth their weight in gold. They can help navigate thyroid issues from cancer to hyper &/or hypothyroidism.

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So sorry for the crosses you carry…
Thank you for your insights. Am in between endocrinologists. Have to wait a few months to see the new one. Hope she is a talker 😊 (communicates)

Thank you and be well!



Thanks for update. I just had tumor removed from right thyroid last Thursday. I still have 3 inch stitches with plastic glue on them. I will be anxious to hear the biopsy report and whether I will need medication going forward.

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How are you?


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