TBI and brain aneurysms

Posted by kristivila @kristivila, May 7, 2018

I have had two brain aneurysms, one that burst. I know I am blessed to be alive, but struggle everyday. I get depressed and my memory is toast. I look good so people don't seem to believe that I struggle. It seems that as time goes by, I get worse. My doctor's don't take me seriously because I look healthy. I think that if you don't look disabled, people have no empathy. Even my family doesn't seem to care. I just want to give up and I am tired all the time. I am partially blind in one eye and fall over a lot. I loose everything. I sometimes forget a whole day

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I completely understand-same here-I carry myself well - it takes a lot of time and effort to do that-so nobody believes I have severe problems except doctors when they review head tests-it hurts and people make you feel like a liar-I am sorry


I have whole years I can’t remember. I was in a coma for five weeks from a broken neck. One thing I learned. Don’t be negative. Look forward. Have hope. Things will get better.


Hello Kristi, My name is Michelle Bunge although I can not relate personally to your struggles I am familiar as 3 of my family members have had TBI so I am a witness of it and have nothing but compassion and respect for your "invisible injury". I work for the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance and wanted to make you aware of the support, resources and programs we have available for you at no cost, specifically our Resource Facilitation program. It has made a world difference for my brother and his family's lives. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those coping with the sudden and long-term effects of a brain injury. Feel free to check out our website if you would like to learn more. Please know you are not alone, people care, and you have a lot of potential we can help you navigate back to. Prayers and thoughts go to you. Also please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

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