Taking 2 600 Mg Gabapentin twice a day, Is This OK Feel Fine?

Posted by masterchief @masterchief, May 2, 2023

After a Brutal Gall Bladder removal I developed Drop foot.My Doctors at the VA have me on 600 MG Gabapentin twice a day. It has helped me Greatly Have not affected me at all. Little drowsy at night. Bowl movement and appetite are normal. Anyone experience similiar

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I am now on 2100 mg of Gabapentin & was afraid it wasn't doing much, until 2 days ago. I accidentally forgot to take my afternoon dose & the following 12 hours were pure, painful hell. My paid doc would like me off of it, but even he warned me to do it gradually. Nothing he has done has helped me & insurance only pays for office visits. I may try the "Summus Medical Laser" treatment he now offers at $160 per (you need multiple treatments). Out of pocket, of course. Anyway, the Gabapentin doesn't cause any side effects for me & I'm a small 72 year old woman. Since the worst pain occurs in the evening & night, I just increased my afternoon dose by 300mg & my PCP supports this. I guess I would rather take Gabapentin than opioids.

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Did you get the Summus laser treatments?. I am very much interested in trying it. My CIDP is getting worse and my neurologist does not have any answers

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