Synthroid dose after thyroid cancer: What dose works for you?

Posted by cpeace @cpeace, Feb 12 4:32pm

I am almost 19 years Papillary and Follicular cancer free. Three years ago my Synthroid dose was lowered from o.225 mg to 0.2 mg. My skin, mouth, and hair are so dry, my eyes are watering. Muscle aches and pains. I know they lower it for fear of developing osteoporosis; however, I would rather have a better quality of life in my younger years! Note, I just turned 59! I am curious as to what doses others may be on under similar circumstances?

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@cpeace, I agree with @lbrockme, this is a good conversation to have with your endocrinologist. Balance in quality of life is important, too. Together, you can weigh your personal preferences and lifestyle with risks and benefits specific too. I would ask questions like:
- what are the potential medical risks if I don't lower the dose?
- The symptoms of _____ affect my quality of life. How might these symptoms be managed on the lower dose?

@cpeace, might perimenopause be a contributor to these symptoms? Is that another factor to discuss with the specialist?


I was on a high dose Forman years as well. Unfortunately it seriously affected my heart. So We recently dropped the dose as well.
I know that the balance is difficult and may take some adjustments, Especially as we age , because we process medications differently as well. Hopefully your body will adjust and balance out soon for you. Have you discussed it with your endocrinologist?

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