Sudden Onset Bloating

Posted by ashby1947 @ashby1947, Jul 19, 2019

There are occasions when I eat something, and within 20 – 30 minutes I become extremely bloated. It is very painful, and I look like I'm 6 months pregnant! This has occurred when I consume something that I've been eating regularly without incident. Most recently, eating a small amount of watermelon, or drinking Almond milk with Bone Broth Collagen mixed in. Once I become bloated, it lasts several hours or most of the day. I am not constipated. I've tried taking additional digestive enzymes, but the benefit is minimal. I've gotten to the point where I have eliminated those things from my diet because I am so fearful that I'll end up bloated again. I watch my diet closely because I've been hospitalized previously with bowel obstructions. But other than not eating the usual suspects for people with digestive problems, seeds, nuts, fruit, veggies, etc. I can pretty much eat what I want without getting bloated or other problems. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, have you found anything that helps? Thanks! Sue

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I have this problem post c.diff. and it is ruining my life. The only thing that helps to moderate this is creon. Now on a lark, I saw an ENT for a food allergy test. He found I was allergic to dairy. Eliminating all dairy has helped. This may help you. I had been guzzling a gallon of milk since childhood. You may be eating something you are actually allergic to. This was not a cure but it has helped alittle.


Hi ashby1947, I have the same problem. It started about a year ago and it was out of the blue. Never I experienced bloating like this. I just assumed it was menopause but food allergy makes sense. I had surgery for MALS but it started before that so I don’t think it is related. I have been lactose intolerant for the last 20 years and have had issues with IBS and colitis over the years. My food sensitivities seem to be getting worse and now the excessive bloating so I need be vigilant about monitoring what I eat. I look forward to hearing if you get answers.


@ashby1947 Sudden bloating can be a symptom of celiac disease and problems wit gluten intolerance. I have to avoid gluten and other foods I am allergic to. I have had this happen to me.


Get checked colonoscopy for Redundant Colon, I am recently diagnoised, very painful lots of bloating

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