Stopping AI and starting Tamoxifen

Posted by magmcdonah2 @magmcdonah2, May 22 10:19pm

I can’t stand the amount of joint pain and disfigurement of my feet anymore from Letrozole so I stopped it, can’t believe how much better I feel within 48 hours. I am 2 yr 8 months into 5 years. I had very small mass with lumpectomy and 30 days radiation, negative nodes. Strong positive for both estrogen and progesterone. Anyone switch to Tamoxifen? I took it the first few months and tolerated much better.

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I am er/pr positive her two negative dcis stage 0 lumpectomy and clear Sentinel nodes I tried it for 6 days it was horrid the fatigue was indescribable feeling ill nauseated a headache I can't even describe and I almost blacked out driving it made my heart go crazy , my oncologist agreed the medications aren't worth the risk for me with my health conditions I wish you well.


I took an AI for two years, but because of extreme bone loss, my oncologist switched me to tamoxifen. Surprisingly, my joint pain is gone and I feel better on tamoxifen. My cancer was also strong estrogen positive so I’m hoping tamoxifen is as effective as the AI. I wish you the best!


Thanks, I know tamoxifen isn’t quite as good but better than nothing, wishing you the best.

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