Stinging pain in foot

Posted by keng943 @keng943, Sep 23, 2023

I had flat foot reconstruction 4 years ago and have had a constant very painful stinging pain in an area where the surgeon made one of the incisions. After seeing several doctors, one doctor said it was probably a compressed nerve. She performed surgery on my foot and found that part of my saphenous nerve and been pushed down inside my foot and that what was causing my pain. She reset the nerve and was sure that would stop the pain. After a year, I still had the pain. She said the only thing left she could do is to cut the nerve completely above my ankle to stop the pain signals. I had the surgery 2 months ago and still feel this pain. She concluded that I am having phantom pain. I know a lot of amputees have this but I still have my foot and just don't think that is what it is. Does anyone have ideas as to what I should do next? I am at a loss. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Hello, keng943 (@keng943)

I don't have an answer to your question (what should you do next?), but I noticed that after three days your post hadn't received any replies, so perhaps by my leaving this comment, your post will sort itself to the top and catch the attention of someone who does have an answer.

Good luck to you!
Ray (@ray666)


Thank you for doing this for me.


@keng943 I have never had surgery for flat feet, but I had surgery on a compressed nerve (ulna/elbow). I had almost immediate relief, but some underlying but tolerable pain that lingered for many months after surgery. In time, the pain started getting worse again. I had moved to MD after the surgery, so my Johns Hopkins orthopedic surgeon (4years later) went in and found a record amount of scar tissue around that nerve that she removed. I have been clear since, though the complete tolerable ache recovery took at least 1 year. I understand nerves take a long time to heal. This surgeon believed in physical therapy and deep tissue massage. Again, my compressed nerve was on a much used elbow, not a much used foot, but that was my experience. I also found that acupuncture has provided me relief in the past for a different nerve pain relief.

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