Statins causing chronic joint and muscle pain

Posted by evieinnz @evieinnz, Nov 8, 2023

When I go on Statins for high cholesterol, I get chronic joint and muscle pain. I have to come off them. Any suggestions to lower cholesterol please, would be greatly appreciated.
I’ve been diagnosed with Watermelon Stomach with bleeding, so being very careful what to eat and drink.

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This video has a robotic voice, but nicely explains the mechanism of action. This month my internal medicine provider recommended that I take praulent or repatha (how do they come up with these names?). I'm considering.
You might also look at Lustig's video.


As soon as I started taking COQ10 within a few days the pain went away from the statins.


I'll probably get spanked, but just for your consideration....

I was on statins for several years, but along with the side effects you mentioned, I started doing my own research, and I got off. My solution is to eat whole foods, avoid carbs and sugar, and to trust my own body.


I don't know anything about your heart attack risks, but recently read some interesting articles about getting a blood test to check your CRP (c-reactive protein) level. This test might help you and your Dr. make a decision on how beneficial a statin may be for you. "A high level of hs-CRP in the blood has been linked to an increased risk of heart attacks. Also, people who have had a heart attack are more likely to have another heart attack if they have a high hs-CRP level. But their risk goes down when their hs-CRP level is in the typical range." .


I have stopped oral meds having tried many (for high cholesterol) and instead am having LEQVIO SHOTS. The first two shots are 3 months apart thereafter one every 6 months. My body and leg aches and pain have diminished considerably. I have high hopes that this better comfort zone will continue.

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