Son has Ulcerative Colitis

Posted by fleckster905 @fleckster905, Sep 22 9:42am

My 20 year old son has had UC for the past two years. My son has been in a full blown flare up for almost 3 months now. He can't go to work as he has 10+ bowel movements a day. He has lost about 25lbs since the start of the flare up. He has been on Remicade, no luck, now Entyvio every 4 weeks, no luck and they want to move him to Stelara now. He also is taking prednisone. Anyone have luck with Stelara? After researching it, the % chance of it working is fairly low. Thoughts or suggestions needed. I'm becoming a desperate mom.

I’m a mom with 21yr old daughter with UC for the past 4 years. She’s been in severe flare up for 13 mos. Humira did not help at all but she started Stelara this week. Also interested in hearing how others found Stelara.

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