SIBO causing nervousness:

Posted by drpepper @drpepper, Mar 9, 2021

Often I start feeling very nervous and can't figure out what is wrong. Eventually it hits me that my abdominal cavity is full of gas and is pressing on my insides. I go lie on bed and turn on each side while raising the opposite arm and lot of belching ensues (sometimes violently). Sometimes it seems to subside after about 15 minutes of flipping from side to side…other times I just can't get rid of the gas regardless of length of time I try to expel. Any others with this experience?

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Hi @drpepper,
There is suggestion that SIBO can cause anxiety and depression. I added an article about it below.,to%20anxiety%20and%2For%20depression.
Have you heard of endotoxins?


I have SIBO and there was this one time I had a CT scan with an IV, and i could tell my personality improved. I was relaxed, chatty, and back to my old self (temporarily). This makes me think there was something in my bloodstream that has been causing a personality change. Second, after treatment for SIBO (low FODMAP diet and probiotics) I’ve noticed I’m less anxious on airplanes and when playing (loosing) card games. Finally, certain foods trigger me to be angry which are not FODMAPS: chocolate and green tea.


I deep belch over 3000 x a day and night . Non stop gas and churning ,8 long , hard years . I eat healthy and clean and have had over 15 tests at the best hospitals 🏥. 6 diagnoses, chronic gastritis , Class B GERD, Esophagitis, Small hiatal hernia, small flat polyps on stomach lining, diverticulosis. The main issue is the unbelievable gas . I live on Ultra Pepto daily (doesn’t perk well now )., many many RX ‘s and allergy tests and elimination diets . Tried hypno therapy, and holistic approach’s .
I get so fatigued and my gut wakes me it’s sooooo loud !!
I hate it and my life is so hard .
Just trying to hang on day to day and do my best . My belches are deep / wet and non stop taste like sewer water .
Some IBS and tarry black stools from daily Pepto .
Mayo Gastro tests showed same in Oct so I’m a medical mystery now . I wish you luck 🍀 finding out . God Bless …
I also have to take Triple Calm 3 diff magnesium in capsules because it effects my heart ♥️ palps .

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