Shoulder replacement surgery

Posted by sandramae @sandramae, Mar 3 6:28pm

I am looking at total reverse shoulder replacement. I have torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders. I have had both knee replacements, and did well. I am hearing mixed messages about shoulder replacements. I am 82 years old, but in good health otherwise. Any advice/experience would be appreciated

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I’m 73, with similar orthopedic history and looking at possible reverse shoulder replacement following prior simple rotator cuff repairs.


In the past 2 years, I have had both knees replaced (5 weeks apart) followed by rTSR, both shoulders (8 mo apart). I am female, 68.

The rTSRs were awkward and uncomfortable but not really painful for me. This discomfort was due principally to the post-op sling, sleeping position (in a recliner, uh!), and general lack of mobility in early weeks. My PT began 2 weeks post-op.

Overall results are pain-freeshoulders, excellent range of motion save reaching up my back which is a work in progress, LOL.

What worked for me was following my surgeon's exacting post op specs incl sleeping angle, sling use, pushing through the work w an excellent PT team and doing PT's brief stretching exercises 2x day. My Nurse Navigator was also a phone call away for any questions. The activity was awkward, slow moving and frustrating but not painful (like knees can be).

Oh, home support. I live alone, have a dog. And my dear friends visited to help w key tasks.

Today, I am active including rigorous aquatic exercise which greatly helps my shoulders post formal PT .

Sorry so long. May your rTSRs be successful. Enjoy your continued good health.


Glad to hear fantastic results. I am on week 9 of TKR and still experiencing pain. Starts at my hip goes all the way to ankle😩


Hi Sandra,

Which was the toughest recovery - knees or shoulder? I'm 69 and had both knees replaced at 67 with excellent results. I need a TSR - the shoulder isn't too bad but it's not gonna get better. I'm a gyn rat and was wondering how much time I could expect to miss with a TSR.

Thank you!



I had a reverse shoulder replacement and knee replacement and the shoulder was much less painful than a knee. However I had to wear an immobilizer with the shoulder for 6 weeks which hampered many of the things I’m used to doing. I had good results from both.

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