Considering Shoulder Replacement due to Osteoarthritis

Posted by beatricefay @beatricefay, Apr 4 7:30am

I'm considering having a shoulder replacement due to osteoarthritis. I've tried PT, but my range of motion is very limited. I'm 78 so worry about it getting worse and affecting my quality of life. Anybody have any comments or suggestions regarding the procedure?

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It's best to fix it before it gets further along… sending you good wishes.


One good thing about shoulder and hip replacements, they are anatomically the same as what they are replacing. A reverse TSR is certainly different than how we are built, but the result is the same.

Total knee replacement is not the same as the original knee. The big difference is the very hard plastic in place of meniscus and other cartilage. So you can do almost anything after a TKR, but no impact – no running, tennis, basketball.

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