Sensory-motor PN and feeling "chilly"?

Posted by Ray Kemble @ray666, Oct 12, 2023


Do others with sensory-motor PN feel "chilly," even while others in your company are comfortable? Admittedly, the seasons are changing, and the outdoor temps are dropping; however, I've noticed lately that I'm always having to fetch that extra shirt or sweater, even when others either outdoors with me or seated around the dinner table are perfectly happy with the temperature, sometimes even asking, "Phew! Isn't it a little warm in here?" Meanwhile, I'm chilly, my hands especially, but all over, too. So, I'm curious: Is it my PN? Or is it just the change of seasons?

Ray (@ray666)

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OMG I have the same problem. Suddenly chilled for no apparent reason then hot. I have not been diagnosed yet but know something is up. Gonna have the electrical muscle test repeated. All started after Covid. A few vague symptoms after 3rd shot. I feel badly people are experiencing these symptoms. As another person says I have to stop talking to people who don’t get it. It’s weirdly comforting to be on this support site, even though it disturbs me that people have to deal with even worse symptoms than I have. my legs have never been the same after getting Covid. It went right to my neurological system. I barely had a sniffle.

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