Seeking Nalu SCS Experience

Posted by jsyjackmayo @jsyjackmayo, 5 days ago

I was in the middle of a post & it just went away? Anyway, I had a laminectomy L3 thru S1. worked for 6 - 8 months; Then shots 14 - 16 months, they stopped working; Tramadol stopped working, now using hydromorphone with good relief. Had 2 ER trips (months apart) for morphine shots. Did a Nalu trial with good results. Scheduling a permanent implant soon. Not seeing any alternative & I'm hoping to get some feedback from the group. Thanks

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@jsyjackmayo I found a discussion on Spinal Cord Stimulators where the Nalu stimulator is discussed. Here is the link where you can connect with other members.

Neuropathy - "Peripheral nerve stimulators"

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