Secondary hyperparathyroidism

Posted by peach414144 @peach414144, Nov 15, 2021

Hi thre everyone. I was recently diagnosed with secondary hyperparathyroidism (Kidneys). Talk about your ups and downs because I also have hypothyroidism (for the past 25 years.) The secondary hyperparathyroidism also caused TED or thyroid eye disease. There is not anything the doctors can do as there is not much in depth information concerning this. At least the doctors where I am are in this catagory. I am looking to move far away. That is if I live long enough to do so.

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Here some information about secondary hyperparathyroidism

Has your doctor recommended vitamin D supplements, active vitamin D (or vitamin D analogs) and cinacalcet? Will you be consulting with a nephrologist?


Following surgery to remove an abnormal parathyroid gland 4 years ago, I developed Grave’s disease and Thyroid Eye Disease (double vision, irritation, a droopy eye). My case is not the worst one my eye disease specialist has seen. No treatment besides prisms in my glasses. My bone doctor specialist has me taking 50K of Vitamin D a month. I take selenium, calcium, and other supplements. I suggest finding an eye doctor that specializes in Thyroid Eye Disease if you haven’t done so already.


Check out and read about secondary hyperparathyroidism.

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