Return of Sigmoid Cancer Help to Decide Needed

Posted by maui1999 @maui1999, Apr 11 8:58am

Hi! A year and a half ago I had sigmoid resection where 6 inches were removed. Last year a biopsy showed it returned at the surgery site. I just had 6 chemo/immuno treatments. New testing shows no cancer in the MRI, CT, and in 30 biopsies of the colon. My CEA is .7. Yet the doctors still want me to have another resection. Chances are high for an ostomy as I've already had radiation down there and it is very close to the rectum. I"m thinking of waiting on the surgery and doing frequent testing instead. Where can I find information/data about these kinds of situations that will help make a decision? They could do the surgery, find no cancer and I end up with a permanent bag. If any cancer had shown up, I'd have the surgery but I'd be really upset if I have it and end up with a bag and there's no cancer. Can anyone share their experience or point me in the right direction for info on recurrent colon cancer treatments and data on outcomes? Thanks.

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I can't really offer the data, etc that you seek, but I would go with not having surgery until cancer is discovered. Further, I would avoid anything that would move me closer to having a bag for life.
I had stage 4 colerectal cancer 10 months ago and had a 9 inch resection. Seven weeks later I had a lung wedge resection where the colon cancer had metastasized to my right lower lung.
After all was said and done, I also passed on having chemo and opted instead for testing.
We do blood every 3 months and CT Scans every 4 months.
So far all is good but it's still very early to celebrate if ever.
I guess that you have an informed decision to make and trust your gut feelings.
Best wishes for a favorable outcome and good health going forward!


I have often wondered what your eventual outcome was ?

I am hoping that there was a good decision and an even better outcome for you !!

Best wishes!!


Hi @maui1999, like @paul28, I'm also wondering what decision you made? How you're doing?

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