Quality vs Quantity?

Posted by riteofscot @riteofscot, Dec 4, 2022

I started Zejula 300mg back in August stayed on for approx 4 weeks. Due to extreme RA in right hip, oncologist took me off 2 weeks prior to surgery. Ortho surgeon wanted me to trsume Zejula 2 days after hip replacement. Taking Zejula throws
my platelet and blood levels extremely off, still not fully recovered from chemo. This makes me very tired and body aches with Zejula. I am not sure if taking Zejula is worth it if you cannot fumction at a decemt level of living
Any advise?

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Good morning @riteofscot, you pose a tough question that many of us facing cancer treatments have to consider. Quality vs Quantity of life when it comes to continuing with our protocol.

From my understanding, Zujela is a medication used for maintenance after someone has gone through Platinum Chemo Therapy for advanced ovarian cancer and has responded partially or completely to the treatment.

So you’ve already been through the wringer with this cancer, chemo and then immediately having hip surgery! That’s a lot to take in and recover from! This new drug, targeted to your specific cancer cells is also kicking your biscuits and you feel lousy. I read the drug’s side effects and unfortunately impact on blood counts is pretty common.

When I was undergoing treatments for Acute Myeloid Leukemia, I also had to take a targeted drug between chemo rounds to help control the possible return of my cancer cells until the next round. I was also tired and felt like I couldn’t function. However, it paid off! It helped keep those specific cancer cells from spreading and allowed me to go on to my next phase of treatment. 3.5 years later and I’m still here and in a durable remission.

How well did you respond to your chemotherapy and how long ago was that?
Did you have repeated rounds of chemo? I’m only asking because, if this drug is working along with your chemo and you can hold out a little longer, it might be worth the misery to continue ‘just a little more’…

Have you talked these concerns over with your doctor? Have you been given a timeline for how long you’re to continue Zejula?

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