Pyrroles disorder/Pyroluria - where to get treatment, Toxic reactions

Posted by tinabelle @tinabelle, Mar 14, 2019

Through posts on this forum, I believe I may have pyrroles disorder (there are also posts under pyroluria). I have a complicated medical history that includes Addison’s disease and sick building syndrome. Therefore, my first choice for treatment would be a medical center where they can deal with the complications of having Addison’s. Anyone have suggestions? Mayo Clinic? Or other treatment sources that have worked for you?
I have increased my Zn from 50 mg every other day to 50 mg daily and immediately felt worse (headache, more frequent adrenal surges at night – really messing up my sleep.) Anyone have experience with toxic symptoms during treatment?
I will be ever so grateful for any help!

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Hi @tinabelle I apologize for the late response. Have you had any luck finding a treatment facility for what you believe to be pyrroles disorder?

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