Pregnant or hormonal imbalance?

Posted by cherh @cherh, Aug 12, 2020

I'm 34 and my menstrual cycle is usually 28/29 days. This month however my cycle lasted 36 day ( period being 8 days late ). On day 6 of my period being late, I had some spotting. Day 7 nothing, and on day 8 it started. It only lasted for 2 days though, its normally 4-5 days.
Is there something wrong with my hormones or could I be pregnant?

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Hello, @cherh and Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You’ve come to the right place to talk with people who have similar experiences with health and to get support from members who understand what you are going through. It can be stressful when menstrual cycles don't come as usual. While we wait for a few others to join in, I did find a few links that might help:

– "14 Possible causes for irregular periods"
– "Many Possible Causes of Irregular Periods"
_"Should you take a pregnancy test? 10 signs ""

If you are really worried, I would think about connecting with your provider. Has anything changed this month? Are you under stress, on medication, etc.?

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