Post Spinal Surgery Complications required an Ileostomy: Anyone else?

Posted by nursemom1 @nursemom1, Jun 5, 2021

Our 38 y/o son required an iliostomy following spinal surgery . He has just been transfered to Rehab. He has had to have straight caths done to empty his bladder every 6 hours. Last night he had horrible chills, no fever but vomited large amount undigested food. Today he says he feels "funny" in the head and still a little nauseated. I am concerned about the possibility of a UTI. Any spinal patients out there that can help this mom who is a retired nurse gain some perspective?

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Good morning @nursemom1 Welcome to MayoClinicConnect. We’re all volunteers who share our health journeys in a welcoming and friendly way.. We don’t prescribe or diagnose, just give some direction and tips. That said, I’m also a retired nurse who developed an awful autoimmune disease.
Have you spoken to anyone at the rehab center about your son's episode last night?

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I’m going to ask a moderator to move your question to the ostomy group (link above) where more experienced people will see it. I’m also going to ask @rosemarya to join the conversation as she , too, has a son who just finished rehab. Maybe you can tell us a little more about your son.


Thank you, @becsbuddy, for the suggestion.
@nursemom1, I second Becky's welcome and agree that we can add your discussion to the Ostomy group so that you can connect with others who may have shared experiences. However, I am also going to keep it linked to the spine health group in case there are members that have been through this after their surgery.

I would be interested in why your son needed a spinal surgery?

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