Posted by haleyfons @haleyfons, Jun 17 11:06pm

Hello everyone, I’m new to Mayo Clinic and just requested an appointment. I have struggled for the last 2 years with having cysts on my ovaries, not being able to conceive and worst of all having no doctors listen to me. I am in severe pain 75% of the time and my doctor refuses to do anything to help me. I’m hoping as a last chance that Mayo Clinic will be able to help me in finding a way to make my pain more manageable and boosting my fertility. Ttc for 2 years is hard with no answers and no help.

Hello @haleyfons and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am glad to see you've requested an appointment at Mayo Clinic. Pain seems to be a large issue for you and one that you want to address, in conjunction with fertility.

What answers are you most looking for and what type of help/support would be most beneficial from Connect members as you wait to hear back on your request to be seen?

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