Pain In the Back of My Surgical Knee

Posted by jewlz1 @jewlz1, Aug 4, 2021

Hello everyone. I am 8 weeks post RTKR. I have been experiencing some hip pain that I wrote about previously and received some great responses that have been extremely helpful. Thank you for that!

I know with TKR there are lots of aches and pain. I had my left knee done 12/2019 so I'm not new to the game. But in the past few days I've noticed pain in the back of the rt. knee. It's getting to the point today that I'm starting to hold that leg in a way that is creating a small limp. The pain radiates from the back of my knee to the calf on the medial side.

Any thoughts? Thank you!

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Good afternoon @jewlz1, That is not the way it is supposed to go. My other side TKR is scheduled for next week. I am in the process of doing pre-op exercises with quite a few for the back of the knee. Have you checked with your PT about how the back of your knee feels? Do you have a Baker's cyst there? Was it removed?

You sure don't want to mess with your nice even gait. If this were me and it might be, I would schedule a session with my MFR therapist to make sure that scar tissue wasn't beginning to form.

Can anyone else help us? Has anyone else had the same response to deal with? Please keep us informed of helpful information.

May you be mentally healthy.
May you be physically healthy.


I too have pain in the back of my Right TKR , performed 6 weeks ago. I also feel a click in the back of my knee when I stride and also a “ plucking “ feeling when I stride, as though a tendon is rubbing across something.

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