Pain and discoloration after DIP of pinky finger

Posted by garyw2 @garyw2, Nov 12, 2023

I had a DIP fusion of my small finger 8 weeks ago (due to severe arthritis). The first bone area of the finger is a light reddish color instead of the normal flesh color. I have pain in the tip of the finger and along the outside of the finger from tip to hand. I cannot bend the finger at the joint right below the DIP as way too painful (probably arthritis). Could this still be a healing process? The surgeon did insert a screw to fuse the two bones.
Thanks for any reply. Gary

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@garyw2 Hi Gary - discoloration after any surgery is normal, how long it lasts is very individual. Usually it is
concerning if it is accompanied by a lot of swelling, or if it goes away and returns for no apparent reason.
I'm not a doctor, but have had a lot of hand surgeries (arthritis and injuries) - there are so many nerves in our fingers that the recovery can be a long process. When nerves repair themselves there can be pain, tingling, numbness and it can change over time.
Adding the screws adds another layer of complexity - my daughter has them in a repaired finger, and at 9 months out from surgery they still bug her, but cannot be removed because the bone is not healed. On the other hand, the screws and plates in her wrist don't bother her at all unless she smacks them directly on something.
If you have any more consults with the surgeon, you can ask if this is normal to him. If not, are you comfortable waiting to the 4 month mark or so to see how it goes?
Be sure to wear warm gloves this winter!

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