Pain after Endoscopy under left ribs

Posted by custom1222 @custom1222, Jun 5 5:07pm

Had endoscopy have barrets esophagus and Dr found polyps in stomach. He took biopsies, when I woke up I complained of pain behind left side behind rib cage. Dr didnt seem concerned. Following week had colonoscopy that went fine but still have this pain, is the pain from the biopsies?

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I’ve had 2 endoscopic procedures and a colonoscopy. Polyps were found in both endoscopy and colonoscopy.
It’s impossible to get pain from a polyp being removed. It’s a common painless procedure.
Removing them may have saved your life because polyps that are removed are sent to a lab for testing purposes. 2 weeks later you should be contacted as professional lab results should be shared with you. Most times they aren’t unless they find something unusual like cancer.

I recently had 2 endoscopic surgeries/procedures of my esophagus and polyps were cut away and I haven’t received any contact from my gastroenterologist.
What was unusual was my own gastroenterologist “stretched”
( dilated) my esophagus because liquids and food took too long to get into my stomach. I had a stricture where the esophagus makes its way into my stomach.

I could aspirate the food and/or liquids to the point that they back up the esophagus where it could get into your lungs that can cause pneumonia. Maybe even death if not treated right away.
My gastroenterologist stretched my esophagus in 30 minutes not taking recovery from the anesthesia. I never seen him after that because 2 weeks after the procedure I showed signs of bleeding. The 1st time I contacted my nurse who said that if if happens again “let me know”
The next morning the same symptoms were back but I didn’t tell the nurse because I didn’t want her to send me to an emergency room.
The third day it was still happening. I called my gastroenterologist and the assistant said that he wasn’t there right now but leave him a message and he’ll call you back. When? In 5 hours if at all?

The nurse urged me to have the esophagus checked for any damage. I ended up 3 days in the hospital and eventually was rolled to an operation room where I was given anesthesia and the esophagus was examined again.
This time the doctor came into my room after I recovered and said that he had found corrosion on the left side of my stomach and an ulcer had been discovered in the same area.
My own gastroenterologist missed my ulcer and corrosion.
The second surgery found these symptoms and put me on photonic to soften the gastrointestinal acid in my stomach.
Having said all this. I never felt pain at all anywhere now that I’m on a proton blocker. ( pill). And even before. I never felt pain before and after the procedures. A white spot was found on my right lung that is being monitored by a pulmonologist. They also found that my right vocal cord is paralyzed so my ENT are in the process of how are we going to deal with it. They also found a torn aneurysm in my lower abdomen and I have to go back to my cardiovascular surgeon for more tests. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know what your pain is from but it most likely not related to a polyp removal.
The esophagus goes straight down your larynx to your stomach not on the right or left side. I would definitely recommend that you don’t give up searching for a second opinion if 1 was already found harmless. But I never got pain from my torn aneurysm or anything after my second endoscopic surgery including no pain for all the polyps that were removed.


I have had numerous endoscopies and at times, there has been more than a little irritation afterward. As I read this, you posted it 16 hours ago after your procedure, but you say how much time there was between the procedure and your posting it. Personally, my irritations/inflammation continued to decrease after a few days. As the other post shared, there is always a chance of something abnormal, so if the discomfort continues, at least share that with your Dr. Lastly, I hope that your biopsies come back clean or easily manageable.

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