Nuclear Heart Test and Neuropathy

Posted by pfbacon @pfbacon, Apr 20, 2020

I'm trying to figure out what caused my Neuropathy – most of us don't seem to know – the old assumption that it only happens to diabetics is out the window. I had a nuclear heart test just before the initial onset. Did any of you have a nuclear heart test just before you started having your first symptoms of Neuropathy ? Peggy

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@pfbacon I never put the two together its been awhile ago but I did have a nuclear test done on my heart at that time it was around the same time that I had my back fracture You maybe onto something . Linda


Peggy @pfbacon, I also have an idiopathic PN diagnosis but have given up to trying to figure out the cause. Mine could be hereditary or some other reason but whatever it is it doesn't change the outcome for me (IMHO). Here's some information from Mayo Clinic on the test.

Nuclear stress test —

There is also some information that I found that may provide more information for you.

Cardiac autonomic neuropathy: Risk factors, diagnosis and treatment: – Neuropathy:

I haven't had the Nuclear stress test but I've had the old style at Mayo quite a few years ago when I was first diagnosed with high blood pressure.


Hi @pfbacon I have not had a nuclear heart test. I am assuming it is a cardiac angiogram which views the circulation of blood through the vessels. Perhaps blood flow was blocked enough to cause some nerves to get damaged and therefore cause the neuropathy. That is my guess as to what may have happened.


The test that Mary Washington Hospital did to me was horrible. They injected me with some kind of chemical that made burning hot pain in my head, it spread quickly down to my toes. I was yelling of course, my limbs were jerking about in uncontrolled muscle spasms, a nurse held me down on the table yelling 'just 4 more minutes, just 3 more minutes' etc. A few days later, I was home, and the same flush of hot pain started coming over me. I almost went to the hospital (A different one!) but it passed. What's worse is that I had no symptoms of any heart problem — I went to the hospital with an allergic reaction to soy beans. They sedated me and kept me for 4 days, doing every test they had in the hospital, billed my insurance co. $12,000, told me I didn't have anything and sent me home. I became mistrustful of hospitals because of this. Peggy

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